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Product Documentation AR & Payment Solutions

About AR & Payment Solutions 

The Kodaris platform offers automated AR and payment solutions to digitize all your B2B invoicing and payment processes. With an integration to your ERP, the platform is built to provide a seamless experience for both you and your customers.

When it comes to Accounts Receivable management and customer payment solutions, Kodaris offers two portals: an Operations Portal and a Customer Portal.

The Operations Portal is where your internal team will work. You will have the ability to view all your customers’ invoices (open, pending, scheduled, and paid) and configure settings to enable automated flows and processes, such as sending invoices and statements via email and/or postal mail.

The Customer Portal is what your customers will use; each customer will have their own unique login. The Customer Portal can be a branded, stand-alone portal or securely embedded into any commerce site. This portal allows you to provide your customers with an easy-to-use, unified experience, enabling them to do business with you under your brand and not a third-party site.

Key Benefits of Kodaris AR & Payment Solutions:

  • Accept payments on any channel at any time
    • Personalize and automate payment collection by meeting your customers where they are and how they would like to pay. Kodaris offers advanced customer portals, mobile applications, integrations, automation, and more to create a logical and smooth payment experience.
  • Reduce overhead and costly mistakes
    • Automate payment application processes, including invoice and account payments with full automation, to reduce time, overhead, and mistakes that come from manual processing.
  • Improve customer adoption
    • By simplifying your payment processes and embedding the payment experience where your customers already are, you can provide a unified experience that will increase adoption rates.
  • Reduce payment transaction fees
    • Leverage personalization on a customer-by-customer basis by deciding what payment options to offer, whether Electronic Funds Transfer (ACH/EFT), Card, or both. For Card payments, add dynamic rules, surcharging, or convenience fees where applicable, reducing card fees to zero. The Kodaris payments program can help you to fully achieve zero-cost payments.

Core Features of Kodaris AR & Payment Solutions:

  • Automate invoice payment application
    • Electronic Funds Transfer (ACH/EFT) and Card Payments made within the Customer Portal or your personally-branded Kodaris native mobile app provide the remittance data needed to automate the ERP invoice payment application process.
  • Invoices
    • Your customers can find and view open, pending, scheduled, and paid invoices, all on one single, customizable screen. They can easily download and print invoices, too.
  • Emailing & mailing invoices and statements
    • You have the option to email and/or mail monthly invoices and statements. This can be set per customer and to match your company’s processes.
  • Save payment methods
    • Bank account and card information can be saved to your customer's account, so all they have to do is select a previously saved payment method to complete a payment.
  • Deposits
    • Allow your customers to make deposits or pre-pay for orders, which can be used for future purchases or down payments.
  • Document Sharing
    • Your customers can securely view and share documents such as monthly account statements, sales-tax exemption certificates, and other information within the Customer Portal.
  • Comments and questions
    • A two-way commenting feature is available in the Customer Portal that provides a way for your customers to digitally communicate with you.
  • Additional users & employee permissions
    • Your customers have the ability to create and assign additional users to help manage their company account. By doing this, they can also set permissions per user to ensure each person has access to only the data they need.

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