Kodaris Supply Chain Platform

Future proof and create a more resilient and sustainable business using an open, flexible, collaborative, and secured platform. Meet your business and customer expectations every time.

The Future is 100% Digital

The Supply Chain is complicated. Each business is unique. Be connected, be 100% digital, stay unique.

The Kodaris Open Platform is purpose built to enable manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and retailers to have it their way now and in the future.

An Open Supply Chain Platform

Kodaris was founded on the principle that every enterprise needs to do business their way. Companies need the technology they use to be the latest technology and advancing on a constant basis without disrupting their business. The challenge, be different to be competitive, but be constantly on the latest. Kodaris delivers just that with our Customers, Partners, and Open Platform.


Born, built, and driven with customers to provide the future of your digital commerce. Drive revenue and operational efficiency with commerce that is built on an open platform to deliver the ENTIRE digital experience.

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Manage, aggregate, and distribute rich data for personalized experiences in any channel at scale. Fully integrated with your ERP, Commerce, and with an Open Architecture ensures 100% automated digital workflows.

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The Gutenberg WordPress editor experience with the power, scale, and security of an enterprise platform. Scale your content marketing, drive rich user experiences, and offer users the information they need.

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Elevate your B2B customer relationships with a comprehensive CRM solution and tailor your sales and marketing to your customers. Kodaris CRM let’s you offer an outstanding customer experience while also streamlining your processes and offering you insight into your prospects and customers.

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Order Tracking, Delivery, Digital Proof of Delivery

Delight your customers with the personalized delivery experience they desire. Real time status updates, tracking, signature, pictures, and self serve accounts are all part of the experience in the logistics solution. With connections to the ERP, WMS, and Open API, it becomes 100% real time and 100% digital.

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AR & Payment Solutions

Radically simplify and achieve 100% automation of invoicing, invoice payments, single order payment, payment on account and more, resulting in improved cash flow and reduce overhead. Collect payments wherever your customers are providing a unified, personalized experience by embedding our payment solutions wherever needed.

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Purchasing System Integration

Automate orders, invoicing, and reduce overhead with purchasing system integration also known as Punchout. Standard integrations between purchasing systems and Kodaris allow your Customer and you to easily and quickly integrate. For many commerce systems, this is a costly add-on or third party service. With Kodaris, it is built in and embedded.

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Unified Business Intelligence

In order to compete and be successful, today's business requires real time business intelligence at hyper-scale. Kodaris has partnered with Amazon Web Services and has fully embedded Amazon QuickSight in the Kodaris platform with a turn key Kodaris bundle of services, ETL pipelines, and data transformation capabilities. Drive your business with data on the Kodaris platform.

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Integration Hub

The Kodaris integration hub built into the Kodaris platform is used to connect internal systems, customers, suppliers, and external systems to one platform easily and quickly. The hub processes millions of records an hour and allows you to keep near real time data available to any user or system. With the ability to personalize and customize per customer, we take the term headless and composable to a whole new level.

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Turn Key Integrations with ERPs

The Kodaris platform provides turnkey integrations with many ERPs that can be customized to your needs. The Kodaris Integration Hub also supports the ability to quickly configure new fault tolerant integrations using the Kodaris integration and mapping framework.

Every Customer is a Partner

Latest Releases

May 9, 2024

Display and recalculate available inventory on the Order Items screen, view and calculate cash quote totals from the items tab, easily view and remove selected filters…

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May 2, 2024

Create and assign to customer group roles to easily manage customer roles . Also check out out the list of tickets released to keep an eye out for features coming shortly!

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April 25, 2024

Now you can export all orders and quotes, import and export attribute languages, and more!

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