Automated AR & Payment Solutions

Digitize all of your B2B payments on your terms with advanced personalization to your specific customer to drive adoption. Our automated payment portal can be a branded stand alone portal or securely embedded directly into any commerce site providing a seamless experience for your customer.

Personalize & Automate B2B Payments

Accept payments anywhere, anytime, any channel

From AR Payment Portal, E-commerce checkout, Order Payment Link emails, Down Payments, Virtual Terminal, to Check Processing, Kodaris has your payment needs covered.

Improve Customer Adoption

Improve customer adoption through customer convenience increasing automation and return on investment. By embedding the payments experience where your customers already are, you can provide a seamless experience and increase adoption.

Reduce Overhead with Automation

With the Kodaris automated payment flows, you can automate payment application, from invoice payments, commerce payments, and order payment flows, reducing time and overhead.

Reduce Payment Transaction Fees

Reduce transaction fees by offering ACH, Credit Card, or both payment options on a customer by customer basis. This puts you in complete control of what is being offered.

Reduce Cost, Overhead & Customer Pain

By leveraging all of the Kodaris payment options, you can meet customer where they live, collect payments, and automate your business processes.

Advanced AR Payments
ACH and Card Payments made within the Customer Portal or native mobile apps come with the remittance data automated into the ERP.
Reduce Payment Fees
Personalize payment options to ACH or Card on a customer by customer basis, offering only the options that make sense for your products and terms.
Optimize Card Fees
With full support for Level 2 and Level 3 transaction fees, you can optimize your B2B transaction fees.
Dynamic Fees
Dynamically generate or reduce fees on a customer by customer basis in real time based on account options.
Proof of Delivery
Provide digital Proof of Delivery with the invoice to allow your customers to pay with confidence. Use Kodaris logistics or a partner.
Statement and Invoicing Options
With invoice emailing, monthly statements, on demand generation, and customized downloads, you have every need covered.