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Honesty. Integrity.

Always Do The Right Thing.

We believe that our success should only be a byproduct of our customer's success.

Our Experience

Founded in 2008, our leadership team brings decades of experience in designing, developing, and delivering complex technology solutions for customers all over the county. With experience in ecommerce, mobility, financial services, business development, and distribution/manufacturing gives us a deep insight to how technology can be used to solve, and improve, complex business problems and processes.

Our Vision

Since the beginning, our vision has been to create a secure, audited, scalable, and open B2B platform that brings multiple solutions all under one umbrella. Whether you need ecommerce, mobile applications, content management, a PIM solution, payment capabilities, to a fully integrated CRM, the Kodaris Platform gives you a platform to truly manage and grow your business. We do all this along with being fully integrated with any ERP.

We understand that most B2B solutions handle about 80% of your needs. But, our experience has shown that the remaining 20% is what matters most. We have proven that it does not have to be a choice between off the shelf change your process or build it yourself. It can be that the hard part of the application is complete, and you adapt it to your, and your customers, specific needs. This is why we love customizations! The more customizations that we add to the Platform, the more all of our customers benefit.

This is the vision implemented today and that we will continue to mature into for the future.