Deliver the B2B, B2C Experience Customers Expect

Born, built and driven with customers to provide the future of your digital commerce. Drive revenue and operationally efficiency with commerce on that is built on an open platform to deliver the ENTIRE digital experience.

Create Your Future with Powerful, Flexible Commerce

Meet customer expectations where they live

B2B Customers expect a B2C technology driven experience. It is fast becoming table stakes to do business anywhere, anytime, using any method.

Deepen Customer Relationships

Standard Commerce is a commodity. B2B Customers purchase from distributors and manufacturers that are adding value to the relationship through knowledge sharing and services. Technology is that service that can take you to the next level.

Increase Margins Through Personalization

B2B Customers expect their negotiated pricing, personalized repeat orders, inventory close to their locations, notifications that match their business flow. Deliver that and more through suggested additions, pricing in the additions with the commodity items, and putting together packages.

Future Proof, Unlimited Scale,
B2B Commerce

With standard features and modules that match nearly every commerce system on the market, get started quickly and easily. Once implemented, work with your team or Kodaris to customize to your business. That is the power of the Kodaris Open Platform

Many of today's B2B commerce systems are just downright slow. This is is caused by the complexities of B2B Commerce. Kodaris Commerce is the exception with a platform that delivers sub second page loads with pricing.
Complex Pricing Speed
Most B2B Commerce systems require that pricing be loaded from the ERP which causes slow page loading and frustration when users are accustomed to a B2C experience. Kodaris uses an architecture to match ERP pricing but not use the ERP which results in unmatched performance.
Search is a foundational component of Commerce. Users expect to find what they are looking for quickly. Kodaris uses Solr with additional Kodaris tuning capabilities for your business. You can also add AI by leveraging ERP data to complement your Search.
In today's global world of commerce and regulated environments, it is important to serve customers in the language required. Kodaris not only offers multilingual commerce, but robust and easy to use visual translator tools. You can translate while looking at the page the user would see. This reduces cost, time, and effort in the translation process. Page, Product, Search, SEO, and Content all one hundred percent supported.
Need more than one site using the same product data, content, search rules or more? Kodaris offers full multisite capabilities on the same Kodaris system, including different URLs, SSL Certs, Catalogs, and customer experiences. Multisite is designed to leverage your operations to serve multiple markets and brands.
Mobile and Native Mobile
Kodaris Commerce systems come with native base templates to provide responsive mobile functionality. You can customize and update these. An industry first is that Kodaris provides native, iOS and Android mobile applications with your commerce system. This ables you to deliver the native app experience customers love and expect with a high end commerce experience.
B2B Quick Order
Those who are experienced in B2B Commerce understand that speed in repeat ordering is crucial. Customer's time is money, and the faster the ordering process is, the more orders will be placed. Kodaris provides a plethora of options to speed ordering including Quick Order Lists, Place from Last Order, Recent History, Embedded SpreadSheet, and our patented File Upload Process that supports spreadsheets, PDFs, HTML, and will learn your customers products.
Procurement / Punchout
Many B2B Orders are placed through procurement systems today. These procurement systems many times use an integration method called Punchout. Many B2B commerce systems use a third party Punchout partner. Punchout is natively built into Kodaris Commerce and available to all users. The integration can be customized even down to the level of each and every one of your individual customers. Why be held back or incur cost per Order like other Punchout providers? It is Kodaris native.
Content and Marketing
In many commerce applications, marketing and content management is an afterthought or a separate system altogether. With Kodaris Commerce, the Content Management System and Marketing Tools are built into the same platform and are used side by side with the Commerce tools. Use easy tools like the Gutenberg Editor to construct landing pages, menus, content pages, and more. Commerce marketing is now simple and fast.
Designer and Developer Friendly
Want to create your site design from the ground up? Have a partner, agency, or internal team that you would like to have work on your commerce experience? Kodaris is built for that! With a cloud development environment that comes with dynamic schemas, a Visual Studio Plugin, IntelliJ Plugin, source control branches, and server side APIs, anything can be customized, built, or modified to your business. Are you ready for future proof?
API / Server API / Open Architecture
Become a tech company the day you adopt Kodaris. Your Kodaris platform comes out of the box with over two thousand APIs for the Kodaris Platform, Customers, Commerce, Suppliers and more. These APIs are branded to you with your logo, terms, and support. This allows you to market to your customers capabilities that your competitors cannot offer such as direct integrations, custom apps, and more. Welcome to the next generation of Open.
Kodaris Commerce not only offers analytics, but multiple options depending on your goals. You can plug in Google Analytics. Kodaris also embeds AWS QuickSight directly into your Kodaris portal. This allows you to analyze, report, and take action on not only your commerce data, but also your ERP data. This unique offering by Kodaris and Amazon Web Services allows you to understand your customer's online and offline data together in one BI tool. One platform, one tool, all data.