Experience the Power of Content and Commerce Together

Effortlessly manage all of your B2B content with advanced customization tailored to your specific audience, boosting engagement. The Kodaris content management system (CMS) leverages the ease of use of WordPress coupled with the security and scale of the Kodaris platform offering unlimited possibilities.

Simplify and Streamline B2B Content Management

Efficiently manage content across channels

By leveraging the WordPress Gutenberg block editor, your team can be up to speed and running in no time. Advanced needs? Custom blocks and advanced page editor makes anything possible.

Boost Customer Engagement

Enhance B2B customer engagement by providing relevant content, increasing satisfaction and brand loyalty. With the Kodaris CMS, you can effortlessly create and maintain content that resonates with your audience.

Optimize SEO and Performance

Improve search engine rankings and overall site performance with customizable SEO and performance optimization features, ensuring your content reaches the right audience.

Enhance Collaboration,
Control, and Creativity

By utilizing Kodaris's comprehensive CMS features, you can empower your team, manage content effectively, and provide the best resources for your customers.

Be Your Own Builder
The WordPress Gutenberg block editor allows you to effortlessly build your own custom posts and pages, without any coding knowledge. Gone are the days of needing to contact a vendor or IT to update your B2B Content. Empower your team to work and speed ahead.
Customizable Templates and Layouts
Leverage a library of pre-built templates and layouts, or create your own to ensure a consistent look and feel across all of your content. Need something more advanced? With the Kodaris cloud development environment, possibilities are endless.
Block Editor for Effortless Content Creation
Experience the power of WordPress's innovative block editor, enabling you to craft stunning and responsive content with ease. Use a library of pre-built blocks for various content elements such as text, images, videos, and more.
Role-Based Access Control
Define user roles and permissions on a granular level, ensuring only authorized team members can access and modify specific content.
Metrics and Analytics
Track your most popular posts and gain valuable insights into your content's performance to enable data-driven decisions, optimize user engagement, and drive growth.
Asset Management and Organization
Efficiently store, manage, and organize your digital assets with our intuitive asset management system, making content creation a breeze.