Kodaris Integration Hub

The Kodaris integration hub built into the Kodaris platform is a dynamic, real-time environment allowing for incredibly complex, customized integrations with any system. The hub is not only designed for system-to-system integrations, but also allows you to offer your customers and suppliers to build direct integrations into your Kodaris system or build out direct integrations to their systems. Kodaris provides the tools for automation with any system, customer, or supplier.

Simplify and Unify B2B Integrations

Connect Any System

Integrate any ERP, CRM, Commerce, Logistics, or any other service easily through Kodaris' integration hub to simplify complex integration processes. Whether on-premise, cloud-to-cloud, or third-party integrations, our strength is integrations.

Use Data To Empower Your Team

Boost collaboration and efficiency by unifying data from various sources, giving your team access to data from across your company, customers, and suppliers providing a seamless experience and automating communication across teams and companies.

Reduce Resources with Automation

Utilize Kodaris' automated integration processes to optimize data syncing, system updates, and cross-product communication, saving time for your team, and delivering ROI for your company.

Reduce Cost and Improve ERP Performance

With the Kodaris integration hub architecture, you need only one integration to your ERP: Kodaris. This allows you to use ERP data across the entire platform. Other integrations needed for your business can be integrated directly with Kodaris, allowing for unlimited scale, security, and the ability to allow additional functionality that the ERP does not.

Reduce Complexity, Overhead, and Integration Barriers

By harnessing the power of Kodaris' integration hub, you can seamlessly connect systems, customers, and suppliers while synchronizing data and automating your business processes.

Unique ERP Integrations
Kodaris follows a unique integration flow, bringing data from any ERP to Kodaris near real time. The hub ingests and processes millions of records an hour allowing your Kodaris cloud to be in sync with your operations which provides unparalleled opportunity for digital workflows.
Customizable API Connections
Tailor API connections to suit your unique business needs. Every integration is unique and every company using the same integration has unique needs. Kodaris allows for every integration to be customized at the system level, company level, and even user level. The ability to even write custom code means you are future proof.
Real-Time Data Synchronization
Automatically synchronize data in near real time to ensure accurate and consistent information across your entire business ecosystem. With the unique architecture Kodaris uses, data feeds can be as fast as three minutes behind your ERP or other systems. For writing data out to other systems, it can be real time or flowed smoothly to your systems ensuring stability.
Scalable Integration Architecture
Leverage a scalable and flexible architecture that grows with your business, accommodating new systems and integrations as needed. Kodaris leverages Amazon Web Services data storage and is built for unlimited horizontal scale.
Security and Compliance
Safeguard your data with robust security measures, including encryption and access control, while maintaining compliance with industry standards. Kodaris provides SOC2 Type2 and PCI DSS QSA security for all of your data and processing.
Real Time Configurable Integrations
The Kodaris unique integration hub architecture allows for real-time modifications, changes, and updates to integrations. This allows you to rapidly test and deliver updates and changes your team needs at a near real time pace.