Order Tracking, Notifications, Proof of Delivery

Do your customers expect that Amazon-like tracking, delivery, and experience? Are you looking to reduce cost and overhead with your deliveries? The ERP integrated Kodaris Delivery Application can enable you to do just that.

Provide the Personalized Delivery Experience Customers Expect and Reduce Costs

Reduce overhead with customer order tracking and notifications

Do you receive calls and emails from your customers to check on deliveries? Enable your customer to self serve and notify them automatically about updates on their order.

Increase customer loyalty by not only delivering, but delivering in a way that reduces your customer's cost

In B2B, time is money. If you can deliver personalized updates, notifications, workflows, and documents at the exact time your customer needs them, you are saving them time and money which will build increased loyalty.

Improve Customer Relations

With the integrated, native mobile, driver delivery applications, your team can capture pictures of the delivered product, capture signatures, and capture additional information if needed. Kodaris customers have saved an untold amount of money based on real time delivery information sharing with their customers to reduce theft and service delivery claims.

Real Time Logistics & Delivery are Critical

With the Kodaris Open Platform and Logistics Applications, you can easily bring together Kodaris logistic applications and / or additional third party applications to create a seamless experience for your customers and employees reducing errors and streamlining operations.

Native Mobile Deliveries
Are you still using paper for deliveries? With integrations to the ERP, WMS, and Logistic Systems when needed, the Kodaris platform can provide all the information a driver will need to enable a 100% Digital Delivery.
Customer Portal
Enable your customers to self serve by checking on delivery dates, delivery status, tracking, and accessing Proof of Delivery documents. Deliver customer expectations, reduce operational cost, and increase customer loyalty.
Delivery Status Notifications
Email, SMS, and mobile push notifications. Allow your customer to choose which works best for them and what events to subscribe to in the Kodaris Customer Portal. Not the purchaser? No worries, each user can manage their own subscription to each delivery event.
Delivery Image Capture
Capture images of the delivery from inside the native driver mobile app for Proof of Delivery. The images will be attached to the Order allowing your customer to view them in the Kodaris Customer Portal. Remove any doubt about the level of service you provide.
Operations Portal
With the real time, connected Kodaris platform, your operations team has real time access to deliveries, Proof of Delivery, delivery tracking, and employee notifications. This allows not only visibility into the full delivery life cycle, but allows you to increase service levels while reducing cost.
Real Time Data
The robust bidirectional integration with ERPs, external systems, and partners allow you to bring near real time data to nearly every aspect of your operation. Need to initiate a customer workflow when your driver taps a button in their Kodaris mobile app during a delivery? You can easily do that on the Kodaris platform.