Unified Business Intelligence

In order to compete and be successful, today's business requires real-time business intelligence at hyperscale. Kodaris has partnered with Amazon Web Services and has fully embedded Amazon QuickSight in the Kodaris platform with a turnkey Kodaris bundle of services, ETL pipelines, and data transformation capabilities. Drive your business with data on the Kodaris platform.

Uncover Business Insights and Reduce Decision-Making Time

Reliable Data Leads to Powerful Insights

With the fully embedded AWS QuickSight product, you get a single, reliable source of truth for all your business data, providing actionable insights for your team, your customers, and even your suppliers.

Operate with Efficiency and Seamlessly Integrate Solutions

The AWS QuickSight Business Intelligence tool comes with built-in analytics management, facilitating large-scale operations, enhancing business intelligence, and enabling data-driven decision making easier than ever.

Personalized Analytics for Tailored Business Strategies

The Kodaris AWS QuickSight embedding allows for data enrichment for focused analysis using data from a myriad of online and offline sources. This means you can customize your analytics to deliver the most relevant insights for your unique business needs.

Empower Your Business with Fully Integrated Hyperscale Business Intelligence

Uniquely integrated with your existing systems and built on a flexible architecture, the Kodaris AWS QuickSight embedded integration enables you to leverage your online and offline data efficiently at scale to drive your business strategy.

Seamless Integration
Harness the power of AWS QuickSight, now embedded directly into the Kodaris platform, providing an immediate, easy-to-use business intelligence solution that is fully compatible with all Kodaris modules and other third-party sources.
Empowered Decision Making
Access to full AWS QuickSight analysis engine embedded in Kodaris translates to data analytics tools available to you so that you can independently manage your data, perform your own analysis, and build dynamic charts – all hands-off from Kodaris.
Complete Data Picture
With the Kodaris solution, you can merge your ERP data flowing into Kodaris with your customers' online data in Kodaris or any other additional data, offering a comprehensive 360-degree view of your customer's business activities – both online and offline.
User-Centric and Economical
QuickSight allows you to tailor the analytics to your specific needs and users. With author- and user-level access types, the combination of AWS QuickSight and Kodaris allows you to share dashboards and analytics, even with your customers.
Future Proof
Kodaris partnered and chose to embed to AWS QuickSight in Kodaris, including the full analysis engine, in order to provide the tools for you to have access to the latest technology in the industry on a constant basis.
Easy Data Pipeline and ETL
With the embedded AWS QuickSight integration at its heart, you and your engineers can build out an entire data pipeline and ETL processes, extracting data from any source and loading into your desired data data set, then loading into QuickSight for analysis.