Deliver Revenue and ROI with the Complete B2B Integrated PIM

Fully integrated with your ERP, Commerce, and with an Open Architecture, manage all of your product information efficiently at scale and distribute data wherever your business demands it.

Seamlessly Deliver Omni-Channel and Reduce Product-to-Market Time at Scale

Accurate Data Equals Increased Revenue

Create a single source of truth for product data, which can be leveraged by customers, employees, and suppliers for self serve and accuracy.

Operate At Scale and Integrate With Partners

With PIM WorkFlow Management built in, mass maintenance, embedded editors, and open integrations, operating with thousands of products becomes standardized and easy to manage.

Integrated Personalization to Deliver Customized Experiences

Enrich data by target market, segment product groups, create custom catalogs, add purchase restrictions, curate search attributes, and more to deliver the right experience for each customer.

Integrated, Flexible, Open, and Customizable

The Kodaris PIM is fully integrated across the entire Kodaris platform, the ERP, and the Open Architecture allows for unlimited integrations which anticipates new business opportunities and changing markets today and tomorrow.

Data Models
Kodaris has extensive built-in data models for nearly every case. The models can also be dynamically extended, added to, and whole new custom models introduced for unlimited flexibility.
Data Management
Built to manage thousands of products, product lines, and unique data across product groups, Kodaris has the tools for your team to work efficiently and at scale. Proving out the product, the Kodaris PIM team manages thousands of products for Kodaris customers.
Workflow Management
When you're working with PIM teams, process, data validation, and measuring work productivity is critical, especially when managing large data sets. With configurable workflow steps and real time data, standard operating procedures will be built into your PIM solution providing accuracy and scale.
Digital Asset Management
The Kodaris PIM has unlimited storage in the cloud for all of your digital assets. The ability to manage assets with product data, content assets, customer facing, internal facing, or just the need to store data long term is all built in and just a click away.
Omnichannel Publishing
Kodaris supports the publishing and distribution of your data where you need it, when you need it. With integrated Kodaris commerce, Rest Application Interfaces, and the ability to push data, you will be able to distribute your data to all channels as needed.
Ready to publish in multiple languages? Ready for the next generation translation experience? Kodaris has built in translation tools to use visually or in bulk. Gone are the days of exporting, emailing, importing and error prone tasks. Your translators can work visually in the PIM and on the screen.