Purchasing System Integration

Automate customer orders and invoicing while reducing overhead by integrating directly with your customer, also known as Punchout. Standard integrations between purchasing systems and Kodaris allow your customer and you to easily and quickly integrate. For many commerce systems, this is a costly add-on or third-party service. With Kodaris, it is built in and embedded into your B2B commerce system.

Harness the Built-In Kodaris Punchout System for Streamlined Customer Procurement

Operational Efficiency: Streamline Your Procurement with Kodaris' Punchout System

Efficiency is key in B2B operations. With Kodaris' punchout system, eliminate manual ordering and allow your clients to self-serve. Customers navigate directly from their procurement systems to your Commerce site, create their orders, and submit inside the customer's purchasing system. Once approved, orders are automatically sent to Kodaris, then saved and streamed into the ERP for processing. Ordering becomes a seamless, fully digital process and experience.

Customer Satisfaction: Enhance Customer Experience and Foster Loyalty

Offer your customers a personalized shopping experience that saves them time and builds loyalty. Our punchout system can be configured and customized if needed per customer supporting their unique needs. You can enhance customer satisfaction by providing the service they need and how they need it. One size does not fit all.

System Integration: Boost Transparency with Automated Purchase Order Processing

Kodaris' punchout system facilitates smooth, fully digital transactions between you and your customer. This end-to-end automation reduces errors and drives increasing margins for you while saving time and money for you and your customer, building long lasting customer relationships.

Elevate Your Customer's Procurement Process and Control Costs with Kodaris.

Explore Kodaris' punchout integration, offering a streamlined shopping experience, built-in functionality, cost-saving solutions, adaptable support for various systems, and a competitive edge in the market.

Integrated Purchasing Experience
Your customers initiate the purchasing process from their purchasing system, punch out to your site to add items to your cart, then transfer back in to finalize and submit their order.
Integrated Order Placement
Once an order is approved in the customer's purchasing system, it is automatically transmitted to Kodaris. Once in Kodaris, it can be automatically streamed to your ERP for processing or entered into a Kodaris Order Management flow, if needed.
Integrated Invoicing
Kodaris provides a full AR Automation and Payments solution transmitting statements, invoices, and other documents to your customers via email, postal mail, third-party APIs and Punchout systems. Automation is not an afterthought, but the first thought.
Built In and Cost-Efficient
Punchout is built into the Kodaris platform which means you do not need to work with a third party. Enjoy the benefits of punchout technology at no additional cost. While other vendors charge based on the number of invoices or transaction volume, Kodaris includes punchout integration in the platform's pricing.
Flexible and Adaptable
Our platform supports a variety of punchout systems. Kodaris is committed to working closely with you to make enhancements as necessary, ensuring smooth and seamless transactions for each of your customers. The Punchout flow is designed to be flexible down to a per customer integration point if needed.
A Critical Tool for Success
The ability to support punchout is key for doing business with many customers. Adopt Kodaris' punchout-ready platform to meet your customers' expectations and boost your competitive edge in the market while ensuring your margins stay intact for each transaction.