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March 30, 2023 release notes


Operations Portal

Services section

A new Services section has been added to the operations portal where you will be able to manage projects, complete tasks, track time, service calls and more. The Tickets screen is the first item under this section with more coming soon!


Enter billable time on order tickets in hours, minutes, and seconds

You can now log time on an order ticket by entering the number of hours, minutes, and seconds spent. For example: 1h 30m 20s. This update is coming soon to all ticket screens.


View more company product list columns and items

On the global company product lists screen, six new columns have been added: Extra 1 - 5 and External ID. You can also view the items on these lists by navigating to the list details.


Import company product lists by external ID

A new import option has been added for importing Company and Customer Product Lists. You can now import using an external identifier which is useful if you are migrating product lists from another system. For example, you can export product lists from another system including the external identifiers and then you can import these into Kodaris. Next, the product list items can be imported using the external list identifier - this will attach the product list items to the correct product list coming from the external system.



Mark filter categories as non-searchable

You can now mark whether a filter category should be searchable or not searchable on your commerce website. If you mark it as non-searchable, it will not show up as an available product filter to customers. You can use this to group products into attributes that show on the product details page for example. This is dependent upon your website implementation so please contact your account manager if you are interested.



Custom MySql database

In the true spirit of being an open, flexible platform, Kodaris has added a custom MySql database where customers can create their own database tables and custom schemas to build applications and modifications on the platform. This can be used with the Kodaris cloud development environments. If you would like a personalized walk through, please reach out to your account manager.


Record system events

Developers can now record their own system events to the Kodaris data lake. These events will show up along with the other system events under System > System Event Information.

kd.dataLake.record("messages", {id: 23, message: "Send ice-cream!"}


  1. KOD-11332: Allow for Custom Tables UX and Crud
    • Enter Custom DB screen under System.
    • Custom DB displays 3 panels: Tables, Records and Details.
    • Tables and Records list item are clickable - select a desired table and record to see the details.
    • Test the pagination, implemented for Tables and Records.
    • Ensure that information is rendered without any errors.
  2. KOD-13484: Wrong Message Displayed when Vaulting Account with Invalid Number
    • We would need to check if making charge with incorrect payment info will result in an error
    • We also need to check if ACH Verification error will produce a json file with error description (similar to failed logins).
  3. KOD-13641: Punchout Invoice - Send Invoice via cXML
    • See list of new endpoints and company setting codes in comments section.
  4. KOD-13649: Adjust Customer Number Appearing when Logged In State is Active in Topbar
    • Currently to test update externalID field for Company and Customer.
    • You can use Company API and Customer API, you should also see externalID in the response
    • Company:
      • POST /api/system/company
      • PATCH /api/system/company/{companyID}
    • Customer:
      • POST /api/system/customer
      • PATCH /api/system/customer/{customerID}
  5. KOD-13709: Customer Portal - Add Pretty Labels to Export Files
    • Test with swagger - fieldNamesMapping.
      • /api/account/order/exportOrdersAsCsv
      • /api/account/quote/exportQuotesAsCsv
    • This is not yet implemented on the UI.
  6. KOD-13767: Create Quickbooks Online Integration - ERP
  7. KOD-13777: Billable Time Format
  8. KOD-13912: Add Mobile Search Endpoint
    • Important Regression Tests
      • Test that search and category pages on a cloud site.
      • Test the cloud customer app for a cloud site. Make sure search for products works and load more paging works.
      • Also in the cloud customer app make sure products display correctly and product details display correctly along with pricing etc for logged in users etc
    • Test product search in general on cloud sites.
  9. KOD-13900: Customer Portal - Fix Button Font Size
    • Orders => Order => Print and Edit buttons size should be 14px.
  10. KOD-13870: Make Newly Assigned Sales Rep Show on the Quote and Update Quote Assignee
  11. KOD-13867: creditAppStatusChanges - Email not Sending after Submitting Form
  12. KOD-13863: Add DataLake Record to Customer App
  13. KOD-13937: PunchOut Orders Without PostalAddress
    • Submit PunchOut OrderRequest with no PostalAddress in BillTo.
    • Check Order is created.
    • Regression tests:
      • Submit PunchOut OrderRequest from e-procurement system.
      • Check order is entered (in employee portal).
  14. KOD-13989: Add Ability to Assign Employees to Tickets as Assignees
    • Go to ticket detail page.
    • Assignment type field should be present in sidebar.
    • Assignment should work like previously but use new employeeAssignment endpoints.
  15. KOD-13994: Do not Require Multi-tenant to be on for Emails on Certain Sites
    • On sites, test reseting admin password from the operations portal.
    • Make sure it works and you get the "your password was reset email".
    • Also test reseting your employee portal password on a non-cloud site. Make sure it works and you get your password was reset email.
  16. KOD-13996: Send Reset Password Complete Email
  17. KOD-14000: Update Last Modified Field When Comment is Added
    • In portal go to CRM -> Company and select any Company and add to the grid 'Last Modified' field.
    • Add a comment to this Company using "Toggle Comment" as depicted in attached file from description.
    • Wait several second, refresh the grid and check whether 'Last Modified' it has to be updated.
    • Regression test actually the same, just add comment to any Company, all has to work without any disruption.
  18. KOD-14029: Move Tickets Screen to New Services Section in Operations Portal
  19. KOD-14035: Assign Lead to Sales Rep and Track Reps on Lead
    • Assignee section must be present on company-detail screen.
    • You should be able to assign/unassign employees to company.
  20. KOD-14044: CMS - Support File Upload in Form Block
    • Create simple form block and add some input fields.
    • Select 1 input and select block tab in sidebar.
    • Now in input type select file input type should be present. Select it.
    • Input field should be changed on file field.
  21. KOD-14072: Create UX for NON Searchable Product Attributes in Operations Portal
    • Enter Filter Categories.
    • Check for the Searchable column.
    • Test adding a new Filter Category with different searchable values.
    • Check if dropdown options work and whether the category is created with correct searchable values.
  22. KOD-14077: CMS - Change Update Button Text to Save
  23. KOD-14079: Add UX for Assignees to All Tickets Screens in Operations Portal
    • Assignee columns should be present under Linked Tickets tab on Ticket details
  24. KOD-14083: Add Interceptor to Search Suggester
    • Regression Tests: Make sure the suggester works normally when using the type as you search in the search boxes. It should properly display the code and the name like it usually does.
  25. KOD-14091: Create user1 Lowercase Field in Product Document for Indexing
    • In portal take any Product and populate its field user1-user10 with some test values by using lower and upper cases.
    • Trigger re-index for Products.
    • In portal go to the PIM->Product and type in search line values you put to user1-user10 in the previous step, herewith type the same value in both lower and upper cases.
    • Make sure that your search is able to find the Product in which you populated user1-user10 and the typed values are case insensitive.
    • Regression test
      • Trigger Product re-index all has to work as usual without any disruption.
  26. KOD-14098: Open Assigned Addresses in Company Details
    • Got to Company Details
    • Go to Customers tab
    • Choose a customer and proceed to customer details
    • Test if you can enter the following Company Customer tabs screens:
      • Assigned Addresses
      • Custom Records
      • Custom Fields
      • Development
  27. KOD-14120: Customer Portal - Allow Reorder on any Order a User has Access to
    • Use reorder button to add prev order to cart (logged in as Customer1):
      • Reorder Order placed by Customer2
      • Reorder Order on company (not tied to Customer)
    • Basically any order seen by customer in customer portal should now be possible to reorder.
  28. KOD-14132: UX Updates for Company Product Lists Imports
    • On global Company Product Lists screen and Company => Product Lists screen the externalID and extra1 - extra5 columns were added, not displayed by default.
    • On global Company Product Lists test the ability to go to the product list products by clicking an arrow button.
  29. KOD-14135: Add Import by External ID Option
    • Test the new import options by importing by external ID.
  30. KOD-14141: Short Pay - Add shortPayReasons to Configuration Endpoint
    • No regression tests. Need to implement for UX.