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June 29, 2023 release notes


Operations Portal

View and filter customers by integration

Standard integrations between purchasing systems and Kodaris allow your customer and you to easily and quickly integrate with Punchout. The integration is seamless and built in to your Kodaris system. Over the past few weeks, we've been working on enhancements to make testing and configuring punchout customers and connections even easier. This week, we've added an Integrations column to the Customers screen where you can track, filter, and find customers who've been configured to use Punchout. Watch out for the rest of the enhancements in the next releases!


Add, remove, and edit custom data documents attached to products

You can attach custom data documents to many entities in your Kodaris system. These documents can be used to store extra information, customize and build additional functionality on top of your Kodaris platform, or anything else you'd like to do. Prior to this release, you could view documents and edit document fields by navigating to an entity and then selecting the Custom Records tab. This week, we've add the ability to add new documents, remove documents, and add document fields for products. This functionality will be coming to all entities shortly.


Manage logistic users from a spreadsheet

Your Kodaris system comes with a full proof of delivery module with real time status updates, tracking, signatures, pictures, and self serve accounts. With connections to the ERP, WMS, and Open API, it is 100% real time and 100% digital. In this release, we've made managing your logistic users a little easier by adding a spreadsheet view where you can add, edit, and delete them in bulk.



  1. KOD-13051: Add FAQ Template to CMS Template Dropdown
  2. KOD-11253: Hook up Search on FAQ section in CMS
  3. KOD-10947: Employee Portal - Add Feature Where Users can View and Translate New Messages From Their Site
  4. KOD-10946: Employee Portal - Add Feature Where Users can View and Translate New Messages from the Apps
  5. KOD-8254: Employee Portal - In Grid Show Errors in Filter Cell
  6. KOD-8252: Employee Portal - Support Filtering Dates in Grid
  7. KOD-7785: Employee Portal - Remove Status Logic
  8. KOD-13574: Orders
    • Regression tests complete
  9. KOD-13581: VSCode Extension Bug
  10. KOD-14316: BI - Analytics
  11. KOD-14651: Avalara Error when Clearing Cart
    • Clear cart
    • Items removed
    • No error found
  12. KOD-14665: Do not run pricing until after items are added to the cart
  13. KOD-14788: Support Manually Entering Custom Docs on Products or Editing
    • Go to Custom Records Tab Under Operations ? PIM ? Products ? Product ? Custom Records.
    • Scenario 1: Add Custom Record:
      • At the left bottom of the page in the input field insert any ID and click Add button. After the record will be added, it would appear in the custom records list at the left.
    • Scenario 2: Delete Custom Record:
      • On the right side of each record there should be a delete button (trash bin icon). On hover it should appear tooltip "Click to delete", after you click on this button, the record would be deleted completely and should disappear from the list of records.
      • After you delete a record, if this record was previously selected and its content displayed on the right side, it should disappear and no content of the record should be shown on the right side.
      • Refresh the page and make sure the record was removed from the list.
    • Scenario 3: Add Custom Field to the Record:
      • Select any record you've previously added. It will be displayed on the right side of the screen as a list with 3 columns: Field Name, Field Value, and Delete Button.
      • At the bottom of this section insert any Name and Value and click add. This field should appear in the list of columns.
      • Add a couple more fields. Check that you cannot submit a field with an empty name and value.
    • Scenario 4: Delete Custom Field from the Record:
      • Stay on the same screen as in Scenario 3. Click the delete button (trash bin icon) near the field added (Not the one that was added automatically) The field should be deleted and removed from the list entirely.
  14. KOD-14815: Configuration - Add site to google maps, tinymce, and recaptcha
  15. KOD-14823: Configuration - Release app for internal testing
  16. KOD-14916: Ability to delete Logistic User
    • Test adding, editing and deleting logistic users
    • Test logging in to the driver delivery app as a new logistic user
  17. KOD-14938: Configuration - Add site to google maps, tinymce, and recaptcha
  18. KOD-14950: Configuration - Release app for internal testing
  19. KOD-14976: Export Product Lists and Product List Products by External ID
    • Go to admin portal - Company Product Lists
    • Export data and test export file contains "externalID" field
    • Open a Company Product List to view items
    • Export items list and confirm export file contains "parentExternalID" field that matches the "externalID" of the chosen Company Product List
  20. KOD-15176: Set-up a default sample landing page
  21. KOD-15213: Make Company ID on customer side open invoices screen unfilterable
    • Test Invoices screen on Customers Portal
    • Company ID Column to display on the table.
    • Test Company ID Column is not filterable (and has tooltip Filtering not supported)
  22. KOD-15232: Add customerMayOverrideAddress Setting & Make It Editable
    • Go to the Companies Address Tab.
    • Under the Details Tab find the General Info section.
    • At the bottom of this section find Customer May Override select input with 2 values (Yes/No). Select Yes value. Reload Page.
    • Go to Development Tab, and search there for customerMayOverrideAddress Setting. If it was set to "Yes" on previous step, in Development Tab it should be set to Yes (true from the right section). Set here this setting to "No". Reload page and return to Details Tab. Customer May Override input should be "No"
  23. KOD-15264: Add generate sample punchout setup request cXML system endpoint
    • For testing - Use /api/system/integration/punchOut/exportPunchOutSetupRequestCXML endpoint (PunchOut Integration API)
    • Use existing customerID and execute request
    • Should get cXML as a result
    • Also use /api/user/punchOut/setup to test result xml
  24. KOD-15265: Pricing Issue
    • Add a global setting with code overridePdcustno type integerValue and value 1
    • Run pricing test
    • Regression:
      • Ensure customer side pricing works logged in
  25. KOD-15267: Add integrationCodes to the customer search grid
    • On Customers global screen. Select Integration Codes column to show.
    • Confirm Integration Codes column was added to the Customers Search table.
  26. KOD-15268: Add Message at Checkout.
  27. KOD-15270: Filter Out Restricted Products
  28. KOD-15298: Add /api/system/customer/readDetails/${customerID} endpoint
    • Check new endpoint: /api/system/customer/readDetails/${customerID}
    • Should contain integrationCodes files - array of Strings
  29. KOD-15297: Payment Error not Being Logged
  30. KOD-15305: Unable to Checkout on App if Space Is Added After Name
  31. KOD-15336: Add "Return to Login" UX to Password Reset
  32. KOD-15353: Default P.O. Number Not Showing at Customer Checkout
  33. KOD-15356: Can't Select from State Dropdown in Shipping Address when Creating Shipto
  34. KOD-15359: Company # Missing from Emails
  35. KOD-15360: urlRewriteView and urlRewriteEdit Roles can't access URL Rewrite Screen
    • Set to employee the roles: urlRewriteView, urlRewriteEdit
    • Go to page: URL Rewrite list
    • Try to add/update/delete record.
  36. KOD-15365: Handle password expiration error when we login with google
    • Test signing in with google using a google account not set up as a system employee, the error message should just be "Login Failed"
    • Test signing in with google using an employee account with an expired password and check that it returns a proper error message
  37. KOD-15367: Error when Changing Shipping Option on Sites
  38. KOD-15369: Initial Setup - Update Admin Lost Password Email Template
  39. KOD-15378: Header in Cross Reference Export doesn't Match Import Needed
    • Export cross reference and then import the same file. Export file will contain "productCode" field.
    • Use "erpProductCode" field except "productCode". It's required to use one of those fields for the import.
    • Import should be successful
  40. KOD-15389: Default Customer Login
  41. KOD-15391: Need a show password option
  42. KOD-15415: Add/Setup documents
  43. KOD-15422: handle utf-8 characters
  44. KOD-15442: Recently Viewed Products
    • Ensure commerce site runs normally on the customer side browsing pages with logged in and not logged in
  45. KOD-15460: State is not all set properly using remember me
  46. KOD-15479: CSD mappings
  47. KOD-15484: urlRewriteView and urlRewriteEdit Roles can't access URL Rewrite Screen
    • Set employee roles: urlRewriteView, urlRewriteEdit
    • Go to page: URL Rewrite list
    • Try to add/update/delete record.