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May 18, 2023 release notes



View all customer payment events

Prior to this release, you could view failed payment attempts from customers under the System > Payment Attempts screen in the operations portal. In this release, we've made an additional update to record any payment attempt, both successful and failed. You can see these payment events under System > System Event Information. To enable this feature, navigate to the Settings screen and turn on the Store User Request Log Message setting.



  1. KOD-12799: Customer App - Ability to add employee
  2. KOD-13379: Punchout Item Sequence Issue
    • Login via PunchOut
    • Add Items, Complete checkout with PunchOut
    • Submit Order from e-procurement system (OrderRequest)
    • Check if OrderItems are ordered the same as were in e-procurement system
  3. KOD-13839: Unable To Checkout w/Card
    • For companies with enabled companyCanUseCreditCards setting company settings should be used for resolving a Payment System and checkout action instead of global settings.
    • If companyCanUseCreditCards isn't enabled or does not exists everything should work in the same way as previously.
  4. KOD-13928: Capture and Record all Errors on Payment Attempts
    • Setting which needs to be turned on for logging payment attempts data: storeUserRequestLogMessage.
  5. KOD-13950: Discount updates
    • Regression testing
      • 1) Pricing & Discounting -> Discounts
        • Try to apply some filters to filter out discounts by code or name and check the results. Try to export discounts, and check if everything works as expected.
      • 2) Pricing & Discounting -> Discounts
        • Choose one of the existing discounts and try to filter out existing discount ranges. Try to export discount ranges, and check if everything works as expected.
  6. KOD-14182: Add Schema Markup for Content Pages
    • Schema script should be present on content pages. Make sure it is valid.
  7. KOD-14181: Add Schema Markup for Content Pages
    • Schema script should be present on content pages. Make sure it is valid
  8. KOD-14261: Make the 'Footer' editable
  9. KOD-14293: Check we Recalculate Taxes when Changing Shipping Option
  10. KOD-14474 Tracking Code
    • Inspect and view source on any site page and make sure the script above is appearing in the code in html head section.
  11. KOD-14574: Identify creator by Sales Rep on Companies
    • Will need UX ticket to add to details screen.
  12. KOD-14633: Add customer app flavor
  13. KOD-14652: Save Generated Statements as Customer Files
    • Regression test generating a statement
    • Regression test generating and sending a statement (making sure that the correct attachment is on the email)
    • Right now the "savePaymentStatementsAsCustomerFile" setting only affects the monthly job. So you may have to run the monthly job with this setting turned on to check that it works:
    • Test generating a statement as a customer file
    • Test generating a statement as a customer file (making sure that the correct attachment is on the email)
  14. KOD-14676: New website - Product document page not working
  15. KOD-14684: Restrict Product Purchases to Contracts
  16. KOD-14731: Create Invoice Layout
    • Please test order, orderEmail and orderPDF
  17. KOD-14746: Link not Working in Employee Side Payment Email Template
  18. KOD-14752: Remove Filter Function on Payment Reason Column
    • Flow 1
      • Login into Employee portal.
    • Case 1
      • Open AR/AP -> Account Receivable page.
      • Set Payment Reason column visible in table.
      • Make sure there's no possibility to apply filters for this column
  19. KOD-14768: Comment Email notification on Payments is using Host Branding
    • Please repeat the user story,
    • Should have the storeLogo at Order Email
  20. KOD-14778: Support Pagination on Company Catalog Pages
    • Regression test:
      • On both Company catalog and group catalog pages, only first page of products will be returned instead of all results if no additional parameter is passed. Page size is configurable setting and is 25 by default
    • Feature test:
      • Pass numeric query parameter {page} to see different pages of products
      • Pass "all" value in query parameter {page} to see all products (max 3000 per page)
      • Omit {page} parameter or pass invalid value to see first page of results
  21. KOD-14783: Remove Page Layouts from Global Page Tree View
    • - go to CMS -> Page Tree -> now page layouts shouldn't be displayed
  22. KOD-14880: Update Customer Portal Favicon and Page Title
  23. KOD-14881: Customer App - Faceting and Filtering for products
  24. KOD-14882: Generated Terms Agreement PDF Error
  25. KOD-14883: Companies Post Endpoint Does Not Respect Active Filter
    • Go to swagger -> try to find endpoint: POST: /api/account/customer/myCompanies with searchParams =>
      • "filterFields": [
      • {
      • "name": "active",
      • "operation": "IS",
      • "value": "true"
      • }
      • ]
  26. KOD-14903: Add Fields to Generated Custom Record Attribute Document
  27. KOD-14913: App crashing when scanning a ticket
  28. KOD-14914: Fix Snackbar in Scheduled Emails Shows UTC Time
    • Go to Order detail screen -> click Email Order -> Configure -> set you email to "To" field -> and click "schedule send"
    • Layout of dialog should be normalized
    • Pick date and time and click "Schedule date"
    • After success, snackbar should be shown with local time (not UTC)
    • Make sure the email is sent at the scheduled time
  29. KOD-14917: Customer Getting Prompt to Select Short Pay reason when Short Pay Feature is off
  30. KOD-14919: Long Line Displayed on Order Confirmation Page when Pickup Selected
  31. KOD-14932: Add a Company ticket search endpoint
  32. KOD-14934: Set creator, createdBy, reporter when creating a ticket under company
    • Go to page /operations/companies/506/tickets -> create some company ticket -> check if creator, reporter, createBy populated <-- should be username of logged in user.
  33. KOD-14969: Button Link on Admin Pass Reset Email goes to Admin
    • Go to admin login screen and try to go with forgot password screen
    • In reset email links to operations portal must be correct
  34. KOD-14971: Get product availability
  35. KOD-14974: Force Login on Quickorder Feature
  36. KOD-14982: Customer App - Filter by company ID on all screens
    • Make sure that all of the screens with company data, such as orders, payments, locations are filtered to the selected company in the app.
    • Then try changing the selected company and make sure the screens are updated with just the new selected company data.
  37. KOD-14988: OrderItem performance
    • Test that when updating/adding/deleting an order item in the portal that the last modified of the order record is also updated.