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Kodaris July 2021 Release Note Highlights

1. V2 Quoting
a. Dashboard Banner - Banner announcing the phase out of the web dashboard as of 12/31/2021 with a link to the Portal.
Dashboard Banner
b. Calculate Total Footage on Products - Data is now populated in the Total Footage column on quotes and orders. This will help for financial forecasting and is currently being tested in production. If you need help configuring, please contact support.
Calculate Total Footage on Products
c. Price Code Cell Autocomplete - On both global and quote escalation screens, the Price Code cell is now populated with existing product groups, price types, and product codes. The field is type as you search and you can select your value to add.
Price Code Cell Autocomplete
d. Subtotal & Total on the Lead > Quotes Tab - Subtotal and Total filters are available on the Quotes tab for quotes attached to a Lead. You can easily view the subtotal and total without opening the quote details.
Subtotal & Total on the Lead > Quotes Tab
e. Rounding when Repricing Line Items - When repricing line items, the Portal will check if a rounding factor exists for that price type and use that rounding factor. If none exists, rounding will be done by the penny.
f. Regenerate Pricing on non-shipto Quotes - To be able to reprice quotes where the job hasn’t yet been set up. You can change the Price Group and the Price Level, click the Reprice button and the new matrix will be applied to the quote.
g. Save Description to Item Notes on Drag and Drop - The product description in the drag and drop file is now saved to item notes, even when codes are trained. This will give you an option of being able to view the original information to help determine units and quantities requested. To view the item notes, you can use the Toggle Notes icon, or add as an additional column using your filters.
Save Description to Item Notes on Drag and Drop
h. Bias Delivery Address Results on Cash Quotes - When a warehouse is selected and the Delivery Address is being entered, type as you search will suggest addresses that are located in the area of the warehouse.
Bias Delivery Address Results on Cash Quotes
i. Items Total is Zero for Customer Quote Requests - Update so that the item total data is included when porting a customer quote request to the Portal.
j. Pricing Hierarchy Issue in CSD - Fix for custom matrix pricing issue.
2. Portal Order Enhancements
a. Display Additional Charges and Discounts on Orders - Additional charges and discounts are synced from the ERP and displayed in the Portal. These will be displayed in an Additional Charges section and part of the Totals section on the order. This is the first phase in displaying additional charges and discounts to customers in the Customer Portal and is currently under production testing.
Display Additional Charges and Discounts on Orders
b. Toggle Notes Option on Orders - The Toggle Notes icon has been added to the Portal for orders so notes can be toggled on and off.
Toggle Notes Option on Orders
c. Preview Emails Attached to Orders - When viewing emails sent that are attached to an order, you can click on the preview icon next to an email. This will display a preview of the email sent to the customer.
Preview Emails Attached to Orders
d. Automatic Status Update after Pushing Order to ERP - The Portal now automatically updates the status of an order after it’s pushed to the ERP so you can see a real-time status of where it’s at.
Automatic Status Update after Pushing Order to ERP
3. Portal Enhancements
a. Portal Login Screen - A login screen has been added for the Portal. If you are sent a link to access a page directly in the Portal and aren’t logged in, you’ll be directed to this page to log into your account. If you are set up with access to the Web Dashboard, you can use your existing login credentials for the Portal.
Portal Login Screen
b. Employee Roles - An Employee Roles grid has been added where you can view current employee roles. Clicking into the details of a role will display a summary of the role and users currently assigned to it. You can add and remove users on this screen. A Roles tab has also been added to employee profiles where you can view and assign/unassign roles.
c. Vendor Specific Pricing Grid - A vendor-specific pricing grid has been added for management of vendor price records. It can be found under Vendors > Vendor > Pricing.
Vendor Specific Pricing Grid
d. Skus Grid - The Skus screen has been updated to a grid format to emulate a spreadsheet where you can copy, paste and quickly edit cells. This will be very helpful when updating cost in soon upcoming features.
Skus Grid
e. Messages Grid - Messages grid added for future management of customer messages. This is one part of a system-wide refactor in managing customer subscriptions and messages sent.
Messages Grid
f. Blog Grid - A Blog grid has been added where blog pages can be created, edited and deleted. Clicking on the details of a record will display all the fields needed to create a blog page. This is the first phase in creating a blog for commerce sites from the Portal.
Blog Grid
g. Sort Setting Type Dropdown Alphabetically - The Type dropdown on the Settings screen is now sorted alphabetically for easier searching.
Sort Setting Type Dropdown Alphabetically
h. Exclude Quote Requests from Order & Job Grids - Requested quotes will now only be displayed on the Quotes grid.
4. Portal Enhancements
a. Level 3 Data on Account Payments - Collection of additional data for payments on account transactions to qualify for lower interchange rates.
b. Unhandled Error Searching AR Screen - Update to resolve issue in getting an “Unhandled Error” message when trying to search transactions on the AR screen.
5. Customer Portal
a. Invoice Date on Payment Screen - The Invoice date is now listed on the Payments screen of the Customer Portal. The date can be sorted in ascending or descending order for easier management of payments.
Invoice Date on Payment Screen
b. Skip Adding Delivery Notification if Older than Two Days - For when a request in the DDA isn’t completed for a couple of days due to a network error where the signal isn’t strong. This will prevent delayed notifications from being sent to customers.