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Kodaris May 2021 Release Note Highlights

1. V2 Quoting
a. Grid Enhancements - Multiple updates released for the Pricing and escalator grids. Including a formula bar added for quicker updates across cells on all grids, the ability to delete multiple rows and cells on the Escalator and Items grids, and option to insert a column on the Escalation grid to insert a new escalation period between existing dates. The toolbar displayed on all grids will give you handy shortcuts to easily emulate Excel.
Grid Enhancements
b. Adjust Pricing in Bulk - Adjust multiple price records in just a few clicks. You can filter down by product group and select the records you’d like to update, click the icon to adjust pricing and then make your pricing update selections. You can increase or decrease pricing, set the amount, and select percent or dollar amount.
Adjust Pricing in Bulk
c. Rounding on Escalators - Multiple options are now available for rounding on escalators. You can set the rounding factor if you’d like an escalator to round the nearest penny, dollar, etc. This can be controlled on the ERP settings screen and is tied to the priceType. The default is the penny.
Rounding on Escalators
d. Edit Assigned Sales Rep - A section added where you can assign and unassign sales reps to a quote. If a rep is assigned to the customer, they’ll be automatically attached to the quote. You can remove this rep and/or assign additional ones, allowing multiple assignees on a quote.
Edit Assigned Sales Rep
e. Drag and Drop Updates - A processing message and progress bar are now displayed when uploading a file for drag and drop.
Drag and Drop Updates
f. Quote Request Migration - A new screen for quote request has been added and quote requests from the Web can now be migrated to the Portal to quote on. When you click on a quote request in the Portal, you’ll be prompted to migrate it.
Quote Request Migration
g. Display an Item’s Price Type - A Price Type column was added to the Items grid to easily view an item’s corresponding price type.
Display an Item’s Price Type
h. Display Who Set up a Shipto - The username of the person who sets up a ship to on a quote is visible under the Location tab of the quote.
Display Who Set up a Shipto
i. Reprice Button - Ported over so quotes can be updated to pull the latest pricing
Reprice Button
j. Show Escalator Dates in Spreadsheet - The spreadsheet generated from the Preview screen now includes the escalator date ranges.
Show Escalator Dates in Spreadsheet
2. Portal Enhancements
a. Unit Conversion Grid - New screen added to the Portal where you can easily manage your unit conversions.
Unit Conversion Grid
b. Inventory Conversion Grid - Additional screen in the Portal to manage ICSS records
Inventory Conversion Grid
c. List of Customer’s Orders - An Orders tab can now be found under a customer to view and track a complete history of their orders. You can also click into order details from this screen.
List of Customer’s Orders
d. Subtype Column - Added to the Delivery screen to filter on order type when tracking DDA usage.
Subtype Column
e. Logistic Users Grid - New screen added where you can view all users set up with Driver Delivery App access. You can view user details, activate and inactivate users, and add new users from this screen. An update is in progress to adjust the password requirements when adding new users.
Logistic Users Grid
f. Subscriptions and Subscription Lists Grids - New Subscriptions and Subscription Lists grids added to the Portal as the first phase in tracking customer notifications, allowing dynamic adding of new alerts for the CRM, Sales Reps, and Customers.
Subscriptions and Subscription Lists Grids
g. Customer Roles Filter - A new filter added to the Customers screen. Available so you can isolate customers by their assigned role.
Customer Roles Filter
h. Supplier Pricing - New grid added to view and manage supplier pricing.
Supplier Pricing
i. App Links - Section added with links to the Web Dashboard and Admin to easily access everything from the Portal which will become the default view soon.
App Links
3. Customer
a. Multiple PDF Download - Customers can download multiple PDFs at once from the Order History screen in the Customer Portal. This will be a great time saver over individually printing and saving a PDF for each invoice. They can select any number of invoices, click Download and save a zip file of the PDFs. Each printed PDF will also be attached to its corresponding invoice.
b. Help Video Links in Customer Portal - Icons added throughout the Customer Portal that link to help videos. Clicking on the icon will display a video popup so customers can learn more about Portal features.
Help Video Links in Customer Portal
c. Additional Fields on Account Request - Preferred Location and Account Type fields are available to add to the Request an Account form. Please contact if you’d like these fields configured.
Additional Fields on Account Request
d. MVP - Email Alerts on Past Due Invoices - A list of invoices sent to customers to alert them when they are coming up on 30 days past due. The alert will be sent out 5 days prior to the invoices becoming overdue. The first phase has been released and the team is working on a full implementation for this feature with customers.
e. Save Plexxis PO - When orders are submitted using the Plexxis integration, the PO will automatically be attached to the Customer Files tab.
Save Plexxis PO
f. Sales Rep Quote Notification Update - Changed the subject line of quote request notifications from “Order Received” to “Quote Requested” to help differentiate between notifications.
Sales Rep Quote Notification Update
4. Payments
a. Verify Bank Accounts - Added to the Accounts Receivable screen to check bank account credentials. If the account is verified, you’ll get a green success message. If not, an “Unverified” error message will be the result. Next steps in this feature are to also verify the account ownership name. To comply with new regulations, accounts will also go through the same verification process when customers are adding new ACH payment methods in the Customer Portal.
Verify Bank Accounts
b. Invalid Bank Account Message - Error message updated to red and now included in the payment method pop up for more customer visibility.
Invalid Bank Account Message
c. Web ACH Payments Invoice Details - An additional screen in the Portal has been added where you can view payment details, any invoices related to the payment and view/add comments.
Web ACH Payments Invoice Details
d. Surface Voids in the Portal - A “Voided” option for the Status filter is now available for easy tracking of voided payments.
Surface Voids in the Portal
e. Total to Pay for COD Payments - For orders where not all items have shipped, the customer will have two totals displayed, Grand Total and Total to Pay. The customer will then enter the Total to Pay amount when submitting their payment. This will help account for when items are on backorder. An update to the payment link to prevent a sporadic link error message also went out.
Total to Pay for COD Payments