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Kodaris December 2020 Release Note Highlights

1. V2 Driver Delivery App
With an updated interface and new additional features. This has been pushed out to all the tablets and can be run with the old Driver App side by side. Some updated features include:
a. Spanish Option - From the Settings screen, drivers have the option to switch to a Spanish language version of the app
Spanish Option
b. Damage Waiver - Now available on both Android and iOS
2. Customer Downloads
Requested by customers for easier reconciling. CSV file downloads are now available to customers for both Payments and Order History with the click of a button. Currently limited to what is displayed on the page, but the ability to export up to 1k records is under development.
Customer Downloads
Customer Downloads
3. Portal Enhancements
a. Pricing Screen Enhancements - Updated to emulate Google sheets. You can copy and paste a single cell, multiple cells, or a range of cells to easily transfer data between the Portal and Google Sheets or Excel.
b. Customer/Contact Manager - Customer/Contact Manager - A customer can now be added directly in the Portal. This is available either on the Customers screen or the Customers tab under a Company. Customers added in the Portal will automatically be set up with a web account and basic User access. They must be assigned to a company.
c. Display Comment Count - All comment icons now display the number of comments
d. Improved Sorting - Fix to accurately sort records
e. Portal Grid Tuning - To optimize loading
4. COD Payment Enhancements
a. Additional Filters in Portal - Can filter on Payment Requested and Payment received on the Orders screen
b. Icons Added to Dashboard - On the main screen of the Web Dashboard, a card icon will display for any orders that the COD payments requested. A green checkmark will display if the payment has been made.
c. Payment Emails - The order number is now included in customer confirmation and payment notification emails. The web order number is displayed if a web order and trend order number displayed if it’s a trend order.
d. Validate Order Total - To prevent sending COD link email on orders without a total