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April 13, 2023 release notes


Operations Portal

View and restore CMS widget revisions

CMS widgets are used to post and manage marketing content throughout your Kodaris website. In this release, we added revision history to CMS widgets which records a revision whenever changes are made to a widget. You can find these revisions under Widgets > Widget Details > Revisions and restore the widget to any of these previous versions.


View and manage system data caches

Many datasets are cached in your Kodaris system to provide optimal speed and performance for you and your customers. These cached datasets are automatically updated at various intervals and/or when you update data in your Kodaris system. In this release, we've added a Cache screen where you can view all the caches in the system and what is in each of those caches. You can also clear these caches when needed after mass data operations, etc.



  1. KOD-13053: Able to Subscribe to Comments in the Gutenberg Editor
  2. KOD-13354: UX Add Revisions to CMS Customizer Widgets
    • Revisions tab should be in Widgets detail page. There is a restore button in the table that can restore a revision
    • Revisions detail page is also added.
    • (please see notes for screenshots)
  3. KOD 13520: M3 406 Response Error
    • Checked if we are still receiving payloads
  4. KOD-13575: Drag and Drop CSV onto Order Items
  5. KOD-13578: Add configuration endpoint to retrieve configuration for employee portal
    • New endpoint was added, please use
    • /api/system/employee/configuration to test new endpoint
    • You should get with configuration info
  6. KOD-13699: Delete or Cancel Order in SX and CSD
    • POST /api/system/integration/inforsx/deleteOrCancelOrder/{orderID}
    • POST /api/system/integration/infor/deleteOrCancelOrder/{orderID}
    • query parameter 'delete' is used to determine delete/cancel type of operation(if true then delete, otherwise - cancel order in ERP)
  7. KOD-13740: Add Button in Portal to Update Cache
    • 1. Go to Cache screen under System
    • 2. Cache and Cache Keys panes list items are clickable
    • 3. For some of caches you should choose cache and cache key to view the details
    • 4, For such as 'statesAndCountries', 'activeWarehouses', 'warehouseNames', the details should be displayed after you choose a cache, cache keys for such caches don't exist and, consequently, don't display in Cache Keys pane
    • 5. Choose a cache / cache & cache key and ensure the details are displayed fully without any errors
    • 6. Choose a cache and click Clear Cache. The chosen cache should be cleared without errors
  8. KOD-13914: Add Vendor Quote Endpoints
    • Tested on API level following new enpoints for testing:
    • 1. POST /api/system/vendorInvoice/vendorQuote - Create Vendor Quote
    • 2. GET /api/system/vendorInvoice/vendorQuote/{vendorQuoteID} - Read Vendor Quote
    • 3. PUT /api/system/vendorInvoice/vendorQuote/{vendorQuoteID} - Update Vendor Quote
    • 4. DELETE /api/system/vendorInvoice/vendorQuote/{vendorQuoteID} - Delete Vendor Quote
    • 5. PATCH /api/system/vendorInvoice/vendorQuote/{vendorQuoteID} - Update set of Vendor Quote fields
    • 6. POST /api/system/vendorInvoice/vendorQuote/{vendorQuoteID}/bulkItem -
    • Create Vendor Quote Order Items in bulk
    • 7. GET /api/system/vendorInvoice/vendorQuote/{vendorQuoteID}/children -
    • Read Vendor Quote child orders
    • 8. POST /api/system/vendorInvoice/vendorQuote/{vendorQuoteID}/deleteItem/bulkItem -
    • Delete Vendor Quote Order Items in bulk
    • 9. PATCH /api/system/vendorInvoice/vendorQuote/{vendorQuoteID}/updateItem/bulkItem - Update Vendor Quote Order Items in bulk
    • 10. POST /api/system/vendorInvoice/vendorQuote/startAndUpload -
    • Upload a Vendor Quote for Processing (not tested)
    • 11. DELETE /api/system/vendorInvoice/vendorQuote/bulk -
    • Bulk Delete Vendor Quote by IDs
    • 12. POST /api/system/vendorInvoice/vendorQuote/list - List Vendor Quotes
    • 13. GET /api/system/vendorInvoice/vendorQuote/readDetails/{vendorQuoteID} -
    • Get Vendor Quote by vendor quote id (with additional fields populated from db entity)
    • 14. POST /api/system/vendorInvoice/vendorQuote/search -
    • Search Vendor Quotes
  9. KOD-13909: AP Updates
    • Please find the outcome of testing in comments
    • Will need UX for more testing, but must test uploading a file to Customer Address.
  10. KOD-13853: Avalara stopping customer from logging in
    • Steps are described in the ticket description
    • Do only Cart items reprice and recalculate subtotal on Customer login
    • Cart items repricing and totals recalculation in background on Customer login
  11. KOD-13923: Add view assigned tickets permission
    • You have two new roles: ticketViewAssigned and ticketEditAssigned:
    • Tests:
    • 1) Make sure ticketViewAssigned works
    • Add ticketViewAssigned role to employee you are testing
    • Try next endpoints:
    • GET /api/system/ticket/{ticketID} - if ticket is assigned to you, you should get response with ticket data
    • If you are not assigned to ticket - you should get an error
    • POST /api/system/ticket/list
    • You should get only tickets you are assigned to
    • 2) Make sure ticketEditAssigned works
    • Add ticketEditAssigned role to employee you are testing
    • PUT /api/system/ticket/{ticketID} - should have access only if you are assigned (otherwise you will get an error)
    • DELETE /api/system/ticket/{ticketID} - should have access only if you are assigned (otherwise you will get an error)
    • 3) Regressions
    • Remove ticketViewAssigned and ticketEditAssigned, make sure you have superuser role
    • You should have access to any ticket using Ticket API
  12. KOD-13977: Add scheduledDate query param to all sendEmail endpoints
    • need to add new parameter: scheduledDate on UI side, but we can test the existing endpoint on UI side, check if changes didn't broke the flow:
    • /api/system/company/{companyID}/sendEmail
    • /api/system/order/{orderID}/sendEmail
    • /api/system/quote/{quoteID}/sendEmail
    • /api/system/purchaseOrder/{purchaseOrderID}/sendEmail
    • /api/system/customer/sendEmail
  13. KOD-13985: CMS Customizer Header Menu Issue
    • Menu links should be editable now with no errors
  14. KOD-14006: Make Site Theme Updates Point and Click
  15. KOD-14008: Update Install Script
  16. KOD-14011: Verify Emails are Pulling Site Theme Colors
    • - Test resetting your operations portal password. Make sure it works fine. Ensure you receive the lost password email and the button matches the website primary color. Ensure you also receive the your password was reset email, the button color should match the website primary color. Test this also in outlook.
    • - Test resetting your customer account password. Make sure it works fine. Ensure you receive the lost password email and the button matches the website primary color. Ensure you also receive the your password was reset email, the button color should match the website primary color. Test this also in outlook.
    • - Test emailing yourself a COD link on an order from the operations portal. Make sure the button color matches the primary website color. Test paying the cod link
    • - Go to the customer portal and add a new employee. Make this new employee gets the account activation email and that the button color matches the primary website color. Also make sure that company admins get the email that lets them know the new user was added. Test this also in outlook.
    • Test adding items to cart from product, category and search pages. Test checking out as guest and logged in user.
  17. KOD-14074: Create Product Document to Save All Product Attributes
    • It's not possible to test it using portal until UX ticket is done.
    • Regression test:
    • Make indexing product, all has to work without any disruption
  18. KOD-14084: listing company addresses error due to invalid search param
    • Go to Customer => Product Lists and global Customer Product Lists
    • Ensure there are no errors in console
  19. KOD-14086: Show Successful and Unsuccessful Emails to User on Mass Customer Email
    • Regression test:
    • Navigate to Customers Data tab on Employee portal, choose several customers and send newly created email template to them. Better to create your own test email template as existing one could require some data to be populated.
    • Test A:
    • Navigate to Customers Data tab on Employee portal and choose several customers and send existing template which requires some additional data to be populated(e.g. wrappedOrder... template) and try to send email.
  20. KOD-14119: UX to Add Assignee Columns to Company Search Table
    • On the Companies Search Tab following columns should be added:
    • - Assignee Emails
    • - Assignee Names
    • - Assignee Types
    • - Assignee IDs
    • After selecting these columns, they should appear inside the Table
  21. KOD-14138: Add pageTitleKey for customer catalog pages
    • no need regression test, waiting for UI implementation
  22. KOD-14144: Quick Create Product List from an Order in Customer Portal
    • Regression test:
    • Login to customer portal and try to create CustomerProductList (Product List associated with logged in customer) and check everything works as expected.
    • Login to customer portal as companyAdmin and try to create CompanyProductList (Product List associated with customer's Company) and check everything works as expected.
    • To test product list creation from Order we will probably need UX ticket so we can pass new non-required parameter orderID to existing endpoints :
    • POST /api/account/productList/customerList
    • POST /api/account/productList/companyList
  23. KOD-14195: Customer Portal - Adjust Customer Number to New External ID
    • There should be company externalID in case if it exists on the switch account popup on customer portal. In case if externalID is null, company code is displayed
  24. KOD-14197: Adjust Customer Number - Update Custno Function
  25. KOD-14201: Remove Unused Settings and Add orderTypes Setting
    • go to setting list -> find setting: orderTypes
    • check in list if settings: defaultOrderTypes, externalOrderTypes were removed
  26. KOD-14218: Show child menu items on mobile view
  27. KOD-14226: CMS - Add read revision by revisionDate and restore from revision endpoints
    • Tested on API level newly created endpoints:
    • 1. GET /api/system/cms/{cmsID}/revisions/{revisionDate}
    • 2. PATCH /api/system/cms/{cmsID}/revisions/{revisionDate}
  28. KOD-14282: Delete Listed Templates from Sites
  29. KOD-14294: File Input Does Not Post Correctly
    • - data from file fields should be send as base64
    • - recheck couple of different forms -> data should be sent correctly
  30. KOD-14296: Upgrade Tax Rate/Screen Issues
    • Tax details screen should work fine and fields should be able to be updated
  31. KOD-14305: PIM Name Field Update
  32. KOD-14309: Log Deletes Even for Records that do not Exist for all Mapped Syncs
    • no tests needed
  33. KOD-14317: Values for invoicedt & quantityBackOrdered Not Showing
    • no tests needed
  34. KOD-14318: Order entered in Trend showing different date and time on operations portal
    • - Check invoiced order on employee portal, date should be in short format without time
  35. KOD-14338: Option to Turn off Amount Validation when Sending Payment Link
    • Configure order email with requested payment amount greater than order total
  36. KOD-14343: UX Can't See special order Items Endpoint
  37. KOD-14346: ShortPay Reason Should not be Required
  38. KOD-14377: System Event Information Details Pane Issue
    • 1. Enter System Event Information screen
    • 2. Check the Details Pane
    • 3. It should display information correctly, without [object Object]