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April 27, 2023 release notes


Operations Portal

Export all customer product lists at once

The customer product list screen in the operations portal now has the ability to export all customer product lists at once. You can access this feature via navigating to the 'Companies > Customer Product Lists screen, and then click File and select Export from the dropdown. This will download a spreadsheet with all the customer product lists.


View and search templates by name

We've added a name field to the email and pdf templates so you can label them with user-friendly and easy to remember names. You can also sort and filter the templates by name as well.


Activate a company by choosing an existing customer

In the operations portal, you can activate any company via the Activate button, which signs a user up for that account and sends a welcome email with instructions on how to access their online portal. In this release, we've made an update so you can choose an existing customer on the company account instead of adding a new customer. This is handy if you've already imported all your customers and you would simply like to send them a welcome email with account instructions.



View the reason for a short payment

If you allow your customers to short pay invoices, you can also require them to select a reason for their short payment. These reasons can be configured via the Short Pay Reasons setting and in this release, we've added a column to the Accounts Receivable -> Payment screen where you can view the reason for each invoice that was short paid.



  1. KOD-13661: Filtering by Period on Open Invoices Shows Invoices that Shouldn't be Displayed
    • Test the regression for checking the boxes. Also test and make sure the balances do not change. You will need to record the balances before deploy and after deploy to ensure they are the same. This only affects where ERP Logic Integrator global setting is inforCSD.
    • Check logic integrator when deployed.
  2. KOD-13762: Intranet CMS - Employee Intranet Data Entity
    • This is all new code. NO tests until we get UX
  3. KOD-13907: Add SEO Schema Markup
    • Test on both test and live
    • - schema code should be present on category and search pages. Make sure it is valid
    • - Test the category and search pages throughly, make sure they work as normal
  4. KOD-13921: Send Email When a Customer Comment is Added to a Payment record
    • Customer comment on Content Page. Test employee notifications go out.
    • Feature Testing:
    • Log into employee portal
    • Subscribe to new notification of comment made as an employee
    • Go to any AR record, make a comment
    • See if you get a notification - (We need to fix this if your the author but test anyway for now)
    • Have another employee subscribe to the notification
    • Make a comment on an AR record
    • See if the other employee receives the notification
    • Login as customer
    • Make a comment on an AR record
    • See if the employees subscribed receive a notification
    • Login as an employee, make a comment on the same AR record in the employee portal, see if the customer who made the original comment receives an email. They should not need to be subscribed.
    • Activate the customer Subscription for AR comments. It is turned off by default.
    • Log in as a customer and subscribe.
    • Have a different customer make a comment
    • Check to see if you received an email as the subscribed customer
    • Deactivate the Customer Subscription until we roll out and educate customers
  5. KOD-14018: Print Available Model Properties to new Method
  6. KOD-14139: Ticket assignees data is incorrect for search endpoint
    • 1) Go to Tickets -> open some ticket and add some assignees
    • 2) Go to Tickets search tab and check data again
    • Should see all assignees
  7. KOD-14222: Update Quote Templates on Demo Site
    • Please check quotes, quote email, and quote PDF in test site
  8. KOD-14245: QA - Content
  9. KOD-14271: Link Ticket to Jira if Ticket is from Jira
    • 1. Enter Tickets Data
    • 2. Search for ticket that's Created By JIRA
    • 3. If the ticket is created by Jira, ensure that the Code column has a clickable link to Jira
  10. KOD-14274: Cannot Uncheck Filters on Tickets Search Screen
    • - go to Tickets -> Search screen
    • - filter by priority 1
    • - filter by Title -> "gjkasjklgjaksljlkg" for example, table should be an empty
    • - check priority filter, we should have only previously checked filter
    • - Check that the reported issue is resolved.
    • - Also throughly test the orders, quotes, products, search tabs. Test searching, filtering, sorting, faceting, paging, applying and saving sticky filters, etc.
  11. KOD-14297: Remove Reorder Button on Embedded Customer Portals
    • 1. Go to employee portal (EP). Open System -> Settings. Search for customerReorderingEnabled setting. Check its value. (It should be either 1 or 0)
    • 2. Open customer portal (CP)- Orders - Open any order.
    • 3. If customerReorderingEnabled is set to 1 in EP, on the CP Order page there should be "Reorder" button on the top right side of the screen.
    • 4. If customerReorderingEnabled is set to 0 in EP, on the CP Order page there should not be "Reorder" button on the screen
    • Regression: Test reorder
    • Be sure to apply the production updates to the embedded portals for deploy.
  12. KOD-14298: Embedded Customer Portal Order Details View Tiny
    • Changes to be tested with setting customerShellLayout set to 'tabs', so the tab layout will be shown.
    • Case 1:
    • 1. In Customer portal, go to Orders => Order details.
    • 2. Make sure the details are fully visible.
    • Regression:
    • Case 1:
    • Make sure every screen in Customer portal is fully visible.
    • Case 2:
    • 1. Select some tab from Company Account section.
    • 2. Make sure both are highlighted as active.
    • 3. Reload the page.
    • 4. Make sure that:
    • 4.1 same tabs are highlighted.
    • 4.2 Respective screen is shown.
    • Case 3:
    • Do the same as in Case 2 but for My Account tab.
  13. KOD-14299: Embedded Customer Portal Tabs not Hidden Via Settings
    • In order to get the tabs layout, customerShellLayout should be set to 'tabs'.
    • Case 1:
    • Please check that below sections are being shown depending on settings:
    • 1. Company section:
    • 1.1 Quotes: setting customerQuotesEnabled.
    • 1.2 Locations: setting customerLocationsEnabled.
    • 1.3 Employees: setting customerEmployeesEnabled.
    • 1.4 Lists: setting customerProductListsEnabled.
    • 1.5 Payment Methods: setting openInvoicePaymentsEnabled && permissions: [‘accountsPayable’].
    • 2. Customer Section
    • 2.1 Lists: setting customerProductListsEnabled.
    • 2.2 Payment Methods: settings customerPaymentMethodsEnabled && (paymentSystembankAccount || paymentSystemcardAccount).
    • Regression:
    • Case 1:
    • 1. Update customerShellLayout setting to emplty string, so default layout will be used.
    • 2. Complete Case 1 for it.
  14. KOD-14308: Add Company Catalogs to UX
    • - On the test website, test the product, category and search pages throughly. Both as logged out user and as logged in user. Test adding to cart, filtering, paging, etc.
    • - Test setting up and viewing company catalog as customer
  15. KOD-14327: Create Point-and-Click Addition to favicon to Sites
    • 1. Login to company portal
    • 2. go to the website
    • 3. click on the theme panel icon
    • 4. test if you are able to upload/update the favicon
    • 5. favicon must reflect on your browser (which favicon is to appear depends on your browser, with favicon being the default)
  16. KOD-14335: Add Site Logo Dimensions to Theme Setup Panel
  17. KOD-14355: Convert Customer Product List Export to Server Side
    • - go to Customers -> Customer Product Lists -> export table -> export must use this endpoint api/system/customerWishList/export
    • Regression:
    • - go to Companies -> Company -> Customers tab -> Customer -> Product lists tab (/companies/594/customers/1429/product-lists for example) export must use this endpoint api/system/customerWishList/export and must work correctly
  18. KOD-14379: Add UX for New Template Name Field
    • 1. Go to Templates
    • 2. Ensure that Name column is displayed
    • 3. Test editing the Name column field, ensure that changes are saved and displayed
  19. KOD-14405: Error when using Enter key to submit
    • - By pressing enter key form should be submitted now and reCaptcha also must be sent
    • Regression:
    • - Check some forms created via gutenberg editor
    • - Form must be submitted and submit buttons shouldn't be broken
  20. KOD-14412: Company Activation Error if Integration User Already Exists
    • - Activate a company without customer with specified email present. New customer will be created automatically and have the specified role.
    • - Activate a company with customer that has specified email but doesn't have the specified role. Existing customer will receive the specified role.
    • - Activate a company with customer that has both specified email and role. No changes to the existing customer (unless new first name and last name are specified in the form).
    • - Activate a company with userName that's used by a customer in a different company. It should show an error.
  21. KOD-14422: QA - Customer App on ios
  22. KOD-14430: Configuration - Release customer app for internal testing
  23. KOD-14437: System Events Out of Order in Time Sequence
    • - go to System -> System Events Information -> Choose folder -> Now Files should be arranged chronologically
  24. KOD-14445: Cannot Manually Add Order Discount
    • - go to System -> Order Discounts -> now Order ID and Order Item ID must be an autocomplete fields
    • - start typing and id for order to get suggestions, when you select and order orderID must be setted
    • - when orderID is setted, go to orderItemID cell to get suggestions
  25. KOD-14447: Make fileOrder Sortable in Product Image Grids
    • Go to product search - > open product -> public files
    • try to order by file order -> should sort by this field
  26. KOD-14474: Administrator Password Requires Special Character - check and error message
    • From the portal login form, click "Lost Password?" and go through the flow to change the password. When the administratorPasswordRequiresSpecialCharacter setting is set to 1, it should require a special character to be in the password.
    • If the new password doesn't have a special character, the UI should explain that to the user so they know what they did wrong.
  27. KOD-14475: Add order notes to D365 when pushing orders
  28. KOD-14490: Issue with Account Activation Emails
    • please check account activation email
  29. KOD-14524: Cart Does not Automatically Come Back after Expired Session
    • Turn on global setting "fixAutoLoginCart"
    • Login as a Customer with checked "Remember Me"
    • Add items to Cart
    • Let your session expire (Leave your session for 15+ mins, or alternatively in devtools change JSESSIONID cookie value)
    • Refresh page
    • Customer should be still logged in (auto logged in) and Cart should be present
  30. KOD-14526: Index Expected Monthly Sales Volume
    • go to company search tab ? select some company ? update a few details, go to search tab and make sure your updates are reflected there(find in search tab the company which we updated).
  31. KOD-14567: Add Option to View Short Pay Reason on Invoices on Web Account Payment Details Screen
    • - go to AR / AP -> Account Recievable -> choose Web Account Payment -> now Payment Reason column should be available in columns list
  32. KOD-14568: Ticket Assignment Type not working
  33. KOD-14571: Add Redirects for Rollouts to Scripts
  34. KOD-14575: No Google Analytics on Category, Search & Home Pages
  35. KOD-14591: Update prices for list view of Product List page
    • - Open some category page with products
    • - After price recalculation both views must be updated (list and tiles)
  36. KOD-14594: Homepage Slider Image banner only - external links do not open in a new tab
  37. KOD-14599: Quickorder Page Product Code Issue
    • if user is not logged in, the quick order input fields will show product code,
    • if user is logged in and is a PJP user, user1 will show in input field instead of product code
    • Test adding quick order throughly. Make sure when you enter your products, those products are added to the cart fine and you can checkout
  38. KOD-14601: Direct Shipped Items Missing SKU Number / Price Type After Login
    • Tested
  39. KOD-14602: Company Catalog Import from External System
    • Test files for import are in attachements
    • Use them to test import, or at least use same columns and corresponding data from the instance where it will be tested (data like product codes, company codes)
    • Added mappings:
    • CompanyProductCategories:
    • - basicCompanyProductCategoryUploadByExternalID
    • - basicCompanyProductCategoryUploadCreateOnlyByExternalID
    • - basicCompanyProductCategoryUploadUpdateOnlyByExternalID
    • CompanyProductCategory Products:
    • - basicCompanyProductCategoryProductUploadByCompanyProductCategoryExternalID
    • - basicCompanyProductCategoryProductUploadCreateOnlyByCompanyProductCategoryExternalID
    • - basicCompanyProductCategoryProductUploadUpdateOnlyByCompanyProductCategoryExternalID
    • Added importer categories:
    • - CompanyProductCategory
    • - CompanyProductCategoryProduct
  40. KOD-14606: Update to splitDirectOrder logic to show an error for bad data instead of skipping
    • - Make sure that splitting Order works correctly.
    • - Make sure that splitting Orders that have Order Items without enough data (missing skuNumber) produces an error message.
  41. KOD-14635: UX for Administrator Password Special Character