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Kodaris March 2021 Release Note Highlights

1. V2 Quoting
a. Adding items to quote defaults to a quantity of 1 - When adding new items to a quote, the default quantity now automatically starts at 1.
Adding items to quote defaults to a quantity of 1
b. Increased PDF View - PDFs are now displayed at 100% in the viewer so that details are more easily visible.
Increased PDF View
c. Added Divider for Lists - System lists and customer specific lists are now divided out in the Portal vs just one combined list. If you need any assistance in setting up system lists for easy order entry across customers in the Portal, please contact
Added Divider for Lists
d. Delivery Address Name Update - Changed "Organization" to "Location"
Delivery Address Name Update
e. Ported Sort Option - Ported option to sort PDFs and emails by product group or line item
Ported Sort Option
f. Don’t Generate Records for 0 Escalators - For when escalators are added for periods with 0 escalation so that escalators line up. No pricing records are created for these when a job is set up.
g. Added Emails Tab - You can now view a list of emails that have been sent out for an order or quote. This will include details such as who the email was sent to and when it was created and sent. Currently available for emails sent from the Dashboard, with emails sent from the Portal coming soon.
Added Emails Tab
h. Added Description Column - Added to the global escalators screen for easier identification of product groups, price types and items.
Added Description Column
2. V2 Quoting
a. Payment Reconciliation Updates - Additional fields are now available on the AR screen of the Portal for improved web payment reconciliation. Accounting can now view batch date, reconciled date, is reconciled, web order # and invoice #.
Payment Reconciliation Updates
b. Additional Fields on Company Screen - Last purchase date and sales ytd now available on the Company screen to improve filtering of customers for targeted web account onboarding.
Additional Fields on Company Screen
c. Merge Option for Duplicate Leads - To help prevent duplicates in the Portal as you move from manually entering leads to importing using the Dodge Report. Merging will save the manually entered lead, delete the Dodge lead, and attach a code to the remaining lead so that any updates are automatically pulled during future Dodge lead imports.
d. Surface Missing K Records - If you see missing data on your escalators, line items or price escalators, you can check your k records to help troubleshoot. When a k record is missing information, it will be displayed so that you can update. Click into the details of the k record from this screen to make any necessary updates.
Surface Missing K Records
e. Additional Dodge Fields - Addition of Valuation and County fields to the Portal so these are mapped when importing leads from Dodge
Additional Dodge Fields
f. Admin ability to Create Public Sticky Filters - Now expanded to allow administrators to create and manage public sticky filters
Admin ability to Create Public Sticky Filters
g. Global Customer Files Screen - A full list of customer files. If you’re looking for a specific file, you can search and then view or download any file from this screen.
Global Customer Files Screen
h. Global Internal Files Screen - View and download internal files from this screen. You can search or filter on the files.
Global Internal Files Screen
i. Orders on a Company - A full list of a company’s orders is now available in the Portal. Under the company, you can click on the "Orders" tab to search orders and view details.
Orders on a Company
j. Add Customer without Company - For instances where you’d like to add a customer to the Portal, but don’t have a company to attach them to. The Company field can now be left blank and no company assigned when creating a new customer entry.
Add Customer without Company
3. Customer Feature Updates
a. Customer Create PDF - A frequently requested customer feature. When clicking the Print button, a timestamped PDF will be generated and attached to their order. They can then view or download their file.
Customer Create PDF
b. WinBid Parser - Drag and drop for Plexxis Winbid files is now available. Please contact for any customers you’d like to configure.
c. Customizable Message on Product Pages - Option to add an additional message to the top of your product list pages, and even on the search results page. The message can be displayed to all customers, or restricted to display only when customers are logged into their web account. It can be displayed throughout, or just on specific product categories.
Customizable Message on Product Pages