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February 2, 2023 release notes


Operations Portal

View SKU details from the product SKUs tab

A SKU details screen has been added under the PIM -> Products -> Product -> SKUs tab so you can easily click into any of the product's SKUs to see its details.


Upload vendor invoices in bulk

If you have multiple vendor invoice files that need to be turned into vendor invoices, you can choose "Upload Invoices" on the vendor screen and select all your files. The system will take the files and generate an invoice for each of them. Once done, the invoices will appear on the vendor invoices tab. Note: the vendor you are uploading invoices on must have a vendor invoice reader setup. Several are already available for different vendors. Reach out to Kodaris if you'd like to request one for your vendor.


Customer Portal

Edit first and last name on a location

Customers can now enter the first and last name for locations in their account. During checkout, if the customer chooses a delivery location, the order delivery contact will default to the first and last name on the selected location.



  1. KOD-13311: Convictional - Do Not Add Handling Fee to Direct Orders
    • When order is split (Direct Order created) - no discounts/fees have to be added to new Direct Order.
    • When Back Orders created - no discounts/fees have to be added to new Orders
    • Please test an order with addons as well.
  2. KOD-13309: Convictional - Add Order Type to Order Grids
  3. KOD-13304: Update fileType Data if User Updates Row
    • PATCH endpoint -> /api/system/product/{productID}/customerFile/{customerFileID}
    • see details in comments
  4. KOD-13303: Add Details Screen to Product SKUs
  5. KOD-13297: Allow Admin to Vault ACH for Customer
    • Admin-side API endpoint:
    • Create company payment method
    • POST /api/system/paymentProcessing/methods
    • Check if is it possible to create ACH payment method. Restriction removed
  6. KOD-13267: Issue charge endpoint - Make type a non required param
    • `type` param is now optional for stored payment method (paymentMethodUUID), but still is required for full payment method information
  7. KOD-13262: Establish pattern for Document DB storage
    • In testing
  8. KOD-13233: Tickets Details tab - Parent ID field - Search by Ticket #
    • User should be able to search Parent ID using Code and Ticket #
  9. KOD-13200: Add Revisions to CMS Customizer Widgets
  10. KOD-13197: M3 - Pricing API Call
    • Tested
  11. KOD-13180: CMS - Set block style images
    • - Should show correct previews for custom blocks in gutenberg editor
  12. KOD-13174: Tag Customer with Web Warehouse
    • Until UX changes are not done we can only test it on API level.
    • 1. Find the Company with populated defaultWebWarehouse value
    • 2. Then make a call to endpoint POST /api/system/customer/search with body
    • but put in "value" field company code you have found before
    • 3. Check response path data->content whether any item under content contains webWarehouse with the same value as company defaultWebWarehouse
  13. KOD-13167: CMS - Support allowed children/valid parents in custom blocks
    • - When you click on plus button inside features block it should automaticaly add single feature item
  14. KOD-13165: CMS - Save as page layout button in gutenberg editor
    • - Save button should be present in top Toolbar
    • - By clicking on Save button dropdown with save actions should be shown
    • - By clicking on Save as layout page should be saved and shackbar should be shown
    • - If you saved post page as layout "click here" text should be present inside snackbar
    • - By clicking on click here new layout page should be opened
    • - If you saved layout with save as layout button, snackbar should be shown without actions
  15. KOD-13162: CMS - Support Uploading SVG images
  16. KOD-13151: Display Employee Last Login Date in Employee Portal
  17. KOD-13130: Updated Txn Type Label on Issued ACH Charges from AR Screen
    • 1. Set global setting 'paymentSystembankAccount' as 'ACH'
    • 2. In portal got to AR/AP -> Account Receivable and issue charge
    • 3. Verify that newly created payment transaction typ (Txn Type column) has 'ACHPayment" value
  18. KOD-13112: Content Page History - Automatically apply setting to all sites
  19. KOD-13011: UX Import to Unassign Records on Assigned Companies and Assigned Customers screens
    • Use mapping-basicCustomerGroupGroupUnassignUpload mapping for unsassign upload.
    • You can use same file as for assign import, same file will assign/unassign depend on mapping
  20. KOD-12992: D365 Pricing Endpoint
    • 1. To test case that we're able to get product price from third party service use this endpoint: POST /api/system/integration/d365/product/productPrice, all required info you can find in SWAGGER
    • 2. For testing whole workflow we need to take a following steps:
    • - chose some company for testing and set for its CompanySetting new setting with code 'CustomerAccount' and mediumValue that corresponds to its customer account in third party service.
    • - chose any product and add to its ProductSetting new setting with code 'ItemID' and mediumValue that corresponds to product indentifier in third party service
    • - using portal create an order for tested company and add order item to it based on chosen product in the previous step
    • - after creation check order item's fields, SellPrice, PiecePrice and TotalPrice has to be populated with value from third party service.
  21. KOD-12930: Enable Customer to Edit First and Last Names on the Company Address in Customer Portal
  22. KOD-12693: Portal media allow ico file
    • Try to upload file with .ico extension on the Media tab and check that file was successfully uploaded and accessible.
  23. KOD-12559: Customer Product List - Update Export To Include UserName Field
    • 1. In portal go to Customer Product list and then go inside existing one that is not empty.
    • 2. Click File->Export
    • 3. Check exported file, it has to contain 'userName' field and doesn't have to contain 'productID'
  24. KOD-10402: Price Issue
    • Test on a site, make sure pricing on customer side works. Can use any account.
  25. KOD-13318: Start multiple vendor invoices from multiple files
  26. KOD-13324: Update EDI File
  27. KOD-13333: Add Search Function to Scripts in Operations Portal
  28. KOD-13350: Add CustomerDocument Table
  29. KOD-13353: Convictional - Use shipTo Address In Integration