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Are you tired of the sales pitch?

By the Kodaris team · Article

Are you really looking for a relationship?

We've all been in the position where we need to solve a problem for our business. However, we may not know about all the options or the possible ways to solve the problem.

What do we do?

Well, there are only a few options:

  • turn to those we personally know in our network to solve it;
  • turn to those in a similar industry who may be doing this already and copy them;
  • or begin to research by exploring options online.

During the research, we may find ideas we think may work. But, on the other hand, we may encounter many solutions that seem close but may be missing a few features we need or feel are too costly.

At this point, we may really want to chat with a few people at one of these companies. We may not be ready to buy, we are still not sure what we want, but we are formulating ideas about what would be best for our business.

We take the risk, fill out a form on a site to say we are interested, but explain we are looking to chat about options. Traditionally, this is when the sales process kicks into high gear.

A call is quickly scheduled, and the emails start coming. Our first call is met with a junior-level salesperson who acts as they care, but we know they are just qualifying us by the line of questioning. Further, we receive a canned sales pitch that does not address our problem at all.

When we politely ask our question, the answer does not help but comes back to the sales script. So finally, we just wasted an hour and did not get the answers we were looking for, and it may take hours more endurance to find those answers.

I am guilty of rejecting a solution from the first call based on this experience, even if it seems like it could be the best solution.

I want to deal with a company I feel cares and is genuinely interested in me as a customer, not a number.

At Kodaris, we view our customers as long-term partners. Our mutual success is dependent on each other. We want to understand you and your business goals. We want to help you solve problems. We want to develop solutions that will drive your business. Your success is how we define our success.

If you are looking to solve a problem, reach out to us today. Our promise is to discuss your situation, offer ideas, and help you explore the possible solutions that are right for you.