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Amazon QuickSight now fully integrated and embedded in Kodaris

By the Kodaris team · Announcement

Kodaris has worked with AWS to embed their powerful new QuickSight business intelligence tool into the Kodaris Operations Portal.

Quicksight in Kodaris

Users can now leverage this tool to analyze, predict, and make decisions on any data from anywhere including ERPs and all of the Kodaris modules.


Kodaris Commerce tracks user behavior, marketing funnels, click through, A/B testing, campaigns, on line purchases, off line purchases, user journeys, and more. All of this data can now be analyzed, reported on, and predicted using AWS QuickSight. Further leverage AWS ML by leveraging AWS Personalize.

ERP Data at Scale

Many businesses analyze their operational and financial data in siloed business intelligence systems. Further, they are forced to analyze their commerce data disconnected from their operational and financial data. With the tight, bi-directional integration Kodaris provides with ERPs, ERP and Commerce data can be unified and analyzed in AWS QuickSight at hyperscale.

Quote to Cash

Kodaris customers know that the Kodaris Quote to Cash and Contract Pricing module is second to none in flexibility, automation, and ease of use. Now with the help of AWS QuickSight, analyzing wins, losses, trends, customers, winning product groups, regions, and hundreds of other data points can be done quickly and easily. Further leverage the QuickSight ML component to generate predictions with just a few clicks.


Looking to drive reporting and give users the power to create their own charts in CRM? With AWS QuickSight and Kodaris CRM, this now is as easy as a few how-to content pieces for your users, or by leveraging AWS QuickSight Q users can ask questions and get answers. It does not get any easier. Gone are the days of custom SQL and writing reports. Need additional data from outside Kodaris? Our open architecture allows bringing data into QuickSight from any supported data source.

Data Analysis

Analyze Offline and Online datasets

Any Kodaris data, such as e-commerce traffic can easily be analyzed using QuickSight, but you can also bring your own data including from and Kodaris or AWS built-in integrations.

Custom datasets

Create datasets with ease by using built-in connectors to common services.

Manage QuickSight Users

Easily manage QuickSight Authors and Readers directly from your Kodaris Operations portal.