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Start with 80% of your solution already completed

The platform is built, current, and expandable in any direction to fit your needs now and in the future.

The future is a connected, end-to-end world in real-time shared across the entire business cycle.

Every supply chain and B2B channel requires the same basic building blocks to function. What makes up those building blocks and how they are configured can mean the difference between success and failure.

Kodaris has seen the good and the bad in the field, and we know the way of the future is a connected, end-to-end world in real-time shared across the entire business cycle. So we have developed our complete solution to provide those building blocks and functionality which can be configured and customized to you to ensure your differentiation and success.

  • Sales & Operational Portal
  • Supplier Portal
  • Multi-Channel Commerce
  • Customer Portal
  • ERP Integrations
  • Logistics
  • Security

Connect with your Suppliers and increase your speed to market.

Inventory, time to deliver, special orders, and pricing all factor into your operation to provide the customer experience you strive for. In a fully connected world, your suppliers offer a critical link, providing insight and tools to work with and manage their data. Knowledge and insight is the key to the speed of business.


Real-time data —
Anytime, Anywhere

Your digital workforce needs real-time data anytime and anywhere. They need to be in constant digital touch with customers, suppliers, accounting, warehouse, delivery, and more.

The Sales & Operational Portal provides the digitally unified experience your employees need to do the same for your customers. It is a conglomeration of ERP, CRM, Customer, Logistics, Warehouse, Financial, Reporting, Q2Cash, Documents, and more. A universal dashboard to all things business. Whether dedicated departments or mobility, it has the tools you need to leap ahead of your competitors.


Purchase anytime, anywhere, from any device, however you want.

Commerce is all about providing your customers with the ability to purchase anytime, anywhere, which ever way they would like. Website, mobile application, purchasing system, auto-refill programs, and new ways not yet invented. In the B2B world, your customers must change and adapt their business processes to purchase from you. The key to winning is being flexible enough to adapt to the changes. Kodaris provides an open platform with the highest security and functionality, so you are future-proof and can always be in lockstep with your customers' needs.


The latest digital tools at your customers' fingertips.

In the B2B world, serving your customers means serving every department – not just those who buy. Everyone in the company can influence purchasing decisions with digital tools that provide a tangible return on investment. Focusing on a fantastic user experience can be the winning factor in the purchasing decision.

Kodaris provides a customer-facing SaaS application and integrations to offer your customers real-time data and tools to enhance their relationship with your business. Whether it's order tracking, proof of delivery, statements, payments, data exports, notifications on business events, or even reporting tools, your customers will have the latest digital tools at their fingertips.

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Do business the way you want.

ERPs are the backbone of your business. Kodaris and its partners focus on understanding and tightly integrating with your ERP. We do what others do not. We do not expect you to change how you work in your ERP business. Our advanced technology is ERP agnostic but designed to emulate specific ERP functions that match your business process.

For example, we will match ERP functionality from product management, inventory management, pricing, ordering, accounts receivable, and much more. This allows you to do business the way you do and offer your employees and customers the same experience online and offline.

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The lifelines of the supply chain business.

Logistics, incoming and outgoing, are the lifelines of a supply chain business. As we move to a digitally connected world, capturing information at the edge of the operations is more critical than ever. Kodaris integrates with logistics systems, provides IoT rails, and allows you to capture, process, and federate collected data to the person or systems who need to know.

Kodaris also offers mobile applications designed for your team. So, whether mapping, capturing proof of delivery, or tracking time and expenses, we have you covered.

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There is nothing more important than security, and it's built into our DNA.

We work hard to earn your trust.

Trusting us with your vision, data, employees, customers, and brand is an enormous responsibility. Therefore, nothing is more important than living up to and fulfilling that responsibility.

We have built our company from the ground up with security in mind and comply with all regulatory certifications. It is built into our DNA.

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SOC 2 Type 2

When working with the cloud, such performance and reliability are essential and increasingly required by regulators, examiners, and auditors.

Kodaris is a PCI DSS Level 1 Service Provider

The PCI DSS increases the controls around cardholder data to reduce credit card fraud. To validate their compliance, organizations are annually assessed by an auditor. Moss Adams, the Kodaris auditing partner, performs our annual audit with their team and Qualified Security Assessor (QSA). The assessment result is compiled into a Report on Compliance (ROC) and available upon request.

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