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Welcome to our new site and brand!

Seven years ago, Kodaris was founded with the vision that an enterprise platform should provide customers with the flexibility to drive their business and vision to increased revenue and operating efficiency. Today, that vision is alive and well and progressing at a faster pace than ever as the world focuses on going digital.

Early on, Kodaris had the fortunate opportunity to partner with some amazing customers that allowed us to build and implement the Kodaris vision with them. During this process, we have learned that we excel in the areas of distribution and manufacturing. While we can build anything for you, there are unique, complex challenges that we have had the opportunity to master with our customers. Today, we are announcing that our primary focus will be in these areas while still remaining open to other opportunities.

You may ask, why the name Supply Chain Platform? While we may be taking a different take on the definition of a Supply Chain Platform than some, at its core, Supply -> Operations -> Delivery -> Customer is the basic supply chain. Keeping digital information flowing in real time across partners, operations, vendors, customers, employees, and more, requires an open, flexible platform that fits you and your business. Kodaris has been, and always will remain thrilled to partner with and build the future together with our customers.

Rest assured, our DNA of always doing the right thing and driving value to our customers has not, and will not change. It is our secret to success.

Tony Zakula, Founder and CEO