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For Kerr, Kodaris was ‘a perfect fit’

When Kerr decided to upgrade from Infor StoreFront, the process did not happen overnight. Instead, company execs used this project to deep-dive into internal processes – an opportunity to future-proof its commerce business. So when Kerr began looking to improve its process, Kodaris met the challenge.

Payment Portal offers more bang for the buck

Kodaris CEO Tony Zakula and Tridex Systems VP Brandon Watson highlight the Kodaris Payment Portal, a fully-featured Order and AR Solution with a 2-hour integration process. Robust but simplistic, this solution is fully filterable, searchable, and tailored to whatever you need.

GMS pilot program leads to Kodaris' first partnership

Kodaris views customers as long-term partners and values each relationship. This attitude and focus have been built from the beginning, starting with Kodaris’ first customer – Gypsum Management Supply. Today, GMS and Kodaris continue to invest heavily in the partnership, leveraging the strengths of each to drive innovation and market opportunity.

Drag-and-Drop is faster than a phone call

Kodaris' Drag-and-Drop is designed to maximize time and effort – and this innovative approach to order adds value to your processing. Simply upload a file, the order is read and translated to a line-item purchase order.

Kodaris CMS solution is an industry first

Solving problems is at the root of Kodaris’ relationship-driven platform. The latest B2B solution is a Content Management System designed to easily integrate your marketing and content with your commerce.

Controlling your future in the cloud

Moving to the cloud – and efficiently running your business in the cloud – requires careful thought and consideration. While “software in the cloud” is a catchy sales pitch, we don’t pitch sales. Instead, we build long-lasting relationships with our customers to ensure their success.

Are you tired of the sales pitch?

We've all been in the position where we need to solve a problem for our business. However, we may not know about all the options or the possible ways to solve the problem. What do we do?

Welcome to our new site and brand!

Seven years ago, Kodaris was founded with the vision that an enterprise platform should provide customers with the flexibility to drive their business and vision to increase revenue and operating efficiency.