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Kodaris CMS solution is an industry first

Zakula: B2B ERP Commerce system is a ‘game-changer’

Solving problems is at the root of Kodaris’ relationship-driven platform. The latest B2B solution is a Content Management System designed to easily integrate your marketing and content with your commerce.

After listening to customers’ insights on how their current CMS was integrated into the workflow, or even disconnected from the process, Kodaris CEO Tony Zakula said, “It’s a pain point for marketing departments in the distribution space because, typically, Commerce systems are driven by the ERP. As we try to evolve the customer experience, the marketers’ only option is to have a separate CMS system that’s divorced from the Commerce system. So it’s two paths that are not combined.

“We saw this need, and the challenge was integrating. We’ve always had content pages. If you knew HTML and were a basic web developer, you could develop content all day. The game-changer is being able to work in a familiar environment, like WordPress. The whole foundation of a B2B ERP Commerce system – that’s an industry first.”

The Content Management System is the latest supply chain solution from Kodaris. Other offerings include PIM, Headless eCommerce, Customer and Sales/Operations portals, Customer 360 CRM, Proof of Delivery, and native mobile apps.

The typical business has developers, tech-centric people eyeing efficient data processes. The other side of the shop is creative, focused on the marketing message. Too often, those are not wholly cohesive mentalities, and that leaves a divide in the workflow.

Enter Kodaris to bridge the gap.

“The biggest push with this was to empower the customers with control,” Kodaris Alliance Partner Jonathan Kronberg said, “It is not just controlling their e-commerce – the products, the information, the images of products, and the data behind their products and pricing – but a next-generation CMS that they can create, edit, and control. That’s where we changed the game on them.”

Kronberg added, “The idea behind the Kodaris CMS solution – everything from Drupal to WordPress – we wanted to ensure that there was a seamless design and look and feel, whether their customers were shopping, or they were pushing out marketing materials.”

The decision to emulate WordPress was a sound first step. According to 2021 data, WordPress is used by a robust 39.5% of all sites on the web, up from 35% in 2020. Counting only sites that use a CMS, the WordPress market share is 64.1%.

“This CMS solution gives users the ability to edit pages and do what they do in WordPress,” said Julie Zakula, who heads the platform’s UX team. She noted it took the team about a month to have the concept spun into a working model.

“Obviously, this is just one piece. We’re planning to support templates and themes, just like WordPress does,” Zakula added.

Kodaris’ easy-to-use what you see is what you get editors (WYSIWYG) empowers the marketing team with complete control over all content, images, as well as pages outside of commerce. The CMS allows you to control how your brand is represented online, no matter your technical capabilities.

Kronberg described the Kodaris CMS solution as the final piece of a puzzle.

“Everything else is there – from the CRM to the analytics, to the Commerce, to the security side, to a PIM … there are so many of those pieces,” he said. “That one piece – for the customer seeing the whole picture – was the CMS, that final piece to tie in the full circle of one platform.”

B2B businesses marketing teams now have long-desired digital tools to drive more revenue to their eCommerce platform. CEO Zakula said the long-term vision is to allow customers to meet their own needs.

“You can leverage the work and efficiency of everything involved with the WordPress ecosystem,” he said. “Eventually, our goal is to enable others, whether it be marketing or agencies or partners, to create their own blocks, create their own themes, and build on top of Kodaris. Unlike a lot of companies, we’re all about trying to enable partners and customers – not contain them into what we can charge them for.”

If you are interested in learning more about Kodaris, the platform, or additional services, reach out today to take the first step. Building the right solution is all about taking small steps.