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Find answers to all your questions on how to use the powerful Kodaris Platform.

Customer Portal Account Company Settings Jobs Jobs – Overview Screen in Portal Managing Jobs Order History Managing Order History Multiple PDF Download My Info Product Lists Managing Product Lists CRM Sticky Filters Operations Employee Overview Employee Roles How to Add a New Employee How to Assign Employee Roles Customize Employee Settings Employee Internal Comments and Files Assign Companies to Sales Reps Sales & Operational Portal AR / AP Accounts Receivable AR - Overview Screen Verifying Bank Accounts Companies Companies - Overview of Screen Adding a Customer to a Company Company Customer Comments Attach Files to Companies Company Addresses Company Pricing Company Comments Customer Files Custom Portal View & Reports Internal Files Linked Multiple Accounts Sending a Welcome Email Status Field Locations / Warehouses Setting Up Web Order Notifications Updating Locations Orders Order Entry Overview Order Entry in the Portal Summary Orders Pull Order from SX Enterprise Payments Account Payments Overview Card Payment Attempts Reporting Setting up a Company for ACH Payments Void and Reset Invoices for Payments PIM PIM Overview Kodaris PIM System PIM Screen Overview PIM Settings Products PIM Workflow Setting Up Your Product Data for the PIM Workflow Product Details and Files Updating Basic Product Information – Detail View Updating Product Information – Data Grid How to Find Added Products Exporting Product Data Adding Images & Media Files Active & Display Product Settings Mass Upload Product Images & Media Files Mass Delete Product Attributes or Category Assignments Product Languages Exporting Product Languages Categories Understanding Product Category Structure Creating a Category Tree Setting Up Product Categories – Manually Creating Attributes by Importing Adding Products to Categories – Manually Adding Products to Categories - Importing Filter Categories Creating Filter Categories for Attributes – Manually Attributes Creating Product Attributes – Manually Creating Product Categories by Importing Assigning Products to Attributes by Product Code Assigning Attributes by Importing Assigning Product Attributes in Data Grid Product Settings Setting Up Product Disclaimer Custom Setting Quote to Cash Quotes V2 Starting a Quote Cash Quotes Bulk Adjust Pricing by $ or % Data Management Quote Preview Screen Email Quote to Customer Square Footage on Line Item Name Logistics Drivers - Adding Logistic User Customers Overview Screen in Portal Customer Details, Roles & Comments Customer Roles Assigning Role to a Customer Assigning Customers to a Company Linked Multiple Accounts Required Roles Help Icon Company Cross References Pricing Pricing Intro Spreadsheet Editing Spreadsheet Editing and Shortcuts System Emails Portal - System / Emails Sales Rep Notifications CSD Credentials Configuration How to Create URL Rewrites Content Management How to Create a Page Classic Content Pages Adding Column Blocks Creating a Page Draft Blog Section Setup Image Guidelines Rearranging Blocks Adding an Image Development Configuring Multiple Importers Cloud Mode Guide Integrations Kodaris Project Workflow Plexxis Integration Acumatica Platform Multilingual Translator Tool PunchOut Testing Guide

Kodaris Help Content is Here!

Welcome to our new help section. While Kodaris is going on eight years old, our product is moving incredibly fast and expanding in all directions. We have recently added a dedicated content team to work specifically on this section of our website, and with customers, to provide all the information needed to take full advantage of the vast Kodaris platform. Please be patient as this team ramps up and tries to catch up with the last eight years of development and all the new features being released each and every month.


Latest Releases

December 2022 Platform Updates

Highlights: Quoting Enhancements, Portal Enhancements, Commerce Enhancements, Commerce Customer Portal Enhancements, Mobile App, and Payment Enhancements


November 2022 Platform Updates

Highlights: Quoting Enhancements, Portal Enhancements, Customer Enhancements and Payment Enhancements


October 2022 Platform Updates

Highlights: Quoting Enhancements, Portal Enhancements, Customer Enhancements and Payment Enhancements