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Fully-featured Order and AR Solution with a 2-hour integration process


Kodaris is an open platform designed to be customized and host multiple solutions that integrate closely into the distribution business. The Kodaris Payment Portal is robust but simplistic – fully filterable, searchable, and tailored to whatever you need.

Your ERP is critical to running your business – operations, logistics, delivery. Kodaris streamlines end-to-end digital processes. We cover a gamut from sales and operations to suppliers, multichannel commerce, and the customer portal. Kodaris also supports open APIs, not only for our system but for your customers.

Also, all Kodaris applications are available out of the box on a native mobile app for your customers. We also have an extensive built-in notification framework, which can be customized – email. SMS messaging. and push notifications if you're using the mobile app.

You can view copies of invoices tailored to fit your format for generating in real-time. You can allow customers to see the same data online as offline. You can print it into a PDF. You can export line items to CSD. We also have a proof of delivery solution that can integrate with several other PODs and surface proof of delivery for the order. So, if you think about that “Amazon experience”, that's all built-in.

Kodaris indexes and makes the entire order history searchable, filterable, and sortable. Additionally, you can select multiple files to download orders as PDFs or CSV files. You also can create custom exports for customers.

Of note, Kodaris does not run off the ERP, which allows us to customize for you. For example, you can tailor how a customer pays – credit cards, bank accounts, checking, savings. Your customer can vault multiple payment options, and Kodaris supports discounting.

Security is a foundational tenant for Kodaris. We are SOC 2 Type II certified and a PCI DSS Level 1, QSA-audited service provider. Kodaris is listed on Visa and MasterCard websites as certified solution providers; we have the highest security with credentials to handle sensitive information. In addition, our yearly audits are provided to our customers.

We invite you to watch the video hosted by Kodaris founder and CEO Tony Zakula and Tridex Systems VP Brandon Watson to learn more about the Kodaris Payment Portal. Please call 470-264-4997 or email sales@kodaris.com to set up a personal demo.