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Drag-and-Drop is faster than a phone call

Kodaris allows files to be translated real-time into a line-item purchase order.


Why it matters:

Patented technology saves time and resources
Upload the file, and create the order (no re-typing)
Standard 3-step checkout

Kodaris' Drag-and-Drop is designed to maximize time and effort – and this innovative approach to order adds value to your supply chain processing.

Honestly, you do not have the time to go shopping for the customer. Many times, a phone call is an answer.

But what if you could eliminate the phone call (and the subsequent re-typing of the order)?

Kodaris set out to solve that problem and developed a patented technology to save your business – and customers – time and resources.

Within the portal, simply upload the file, and the order is read in real-time and translated to a line-item purchase order.

(Even better: The system learns to match product codes customer-by-customer based on the description and remembers the product the next time it is ordered.)

If you would like to learn more about Kodaris' Drag-and-Drop feature and how we can solve your supply chain problems, reach out to start the conversation. We are ready to listen, create, and deliver.