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Career Opportunities
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Kodaris is committed to cutting-edge technologies that ensure our customers remain at the forefront of supply chain evolution.

Careers at Kodaris

Come join our amazing team and contribute a positive impact on customers, employees, and the world by providing a product that is leveraged every single day to deliver products and services to keep the world running smoothly.

Kodaris may be for you if you:

  • Share our company cultural vision - Learn More
  • Enjoy constant change
  • Enjoy constant challenges
  • Are a figure it out kind of person
  • Are a team player

What we offer:

  • Opportunity - we love constant learning and advancing
  • Family focus - you can have a family and work in a tech company at the same time. We allow constant flex time. What that means? Work a few hours, take your children to school, start work again, take off a few hours in the afternoon, sync up later in the evening? Stay committed, get stuff done, and we work it out.
  • Remote work - we are a 100% remote team and always have been. You can work from home, but also, you can work from anywhere in the world! All you need is an internet connection. Travel the world, overlap some during work hours, get work done, all is good.
  • Vacation - Kodaris does not have a policy. Be reasonable, stay committed, and we will work it out.
  • Benefits - Kodaris works with their employees as a whole to decide which types of benefits make sense for everyone.
Senior UX Developer
  • Anywhere
Senior Java Developer
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Product Marketer
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UX Implementation Engineer
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