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The next generation of consumers inherit and take control of wealth being transferred to them, they expect a modern, mobile experience that they get from all the large tech companies. Without this, they will look to a competitor that can provide that above all else. Convenience is the number one priority for the next generation.

Since 2008
41% of small banks have gone out of business or been acquired by larger banks

The problem with financial technology is that the barriers are high and it is difficult to implement due to all of the needed regulations and security. We all see the constant flow of security breaches in the news nearly every week. Today, a financial institution needs to become a financial technology company to compete if they are going to build the technology their customers desire. If they outsource the technology, they are locked into cookie cutter experiences that their customers may or may not like, they look exactly like their competition, and there is little if any differentiation.


In 2018, 56 community banks grew their lending by 14.7%

while the four big universal banks grew their loan portfolios by 3.1%

The growth in small and middle market companies is beginning

Small and middle market bank loans rise at much faster rates than big bank loans. Small businesses require help from people at branches, and they are receiving it from small banks. Local clients are retained by providing both relationships and convenient digital experience.

Digital/Mobile Experience

Personalized Experience

Low-cost Compliance

Small Bank Cooperation

RED Platform for Financial Business

Each financial institution while unique, also has to comply by the same set of regulations, business processes, audit processes, and more. With technology, a unique experience can be provided, but much of the foundational components are the same.







Mobile wallets

Card-based payments

Contactless payments

Investment Technology Integrations



Legislation/Regulation gap analysis tools

Transaction reporting tools

Regulatory reporting tools

Activity monitoring

Transaction monitoring

Platform RED

Core Bank/Finance System


strategic and technological

SOC2 Type 2 and PCI-DSS

audited platform with unlimited scale


between payment/banking/investment platforms and the cloud, proven and secure


for your entire solution taking responsibility for the entire lifecycle, delivery, and support

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