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Supply Changes

It is interesting as we watch supply chains adjust, new demands scale, and the way we live and work change every day. What we do *is* the economy and will determine what a new normal is.

Because of the urgency for new products in several areas, we purchase what we can from where we can. This opens up new opportunities for new manufacturers, suppliers and products. Where and how we buy will determine the success and failure of these entrepreneurs.

And that really becomes the question, where and how we buy. We have become very connected to how we purchase digitally, especially since the pandemic has accelerated the need for everything to be digital. How difficult is it for retailers to sell with more convenience outside the major digital players like Amazon, Walmart and others? Can B2B Distribution Commerce help support local business?

Will there be a new movement of manufacturers going direct to consumers? We have resisted this in the US in many product categories, preferring to manage supply through large distribution. However, globally, Chinese companies are pushing this trend, even selling direct to US consumers, shrinking the steps in the supply chain at a global level. Alibaba, a Chinese company is the largest Commerce company in the world, and is making a large push into the US facilitating the trend.

Small manufacturers will need digital tools and channels which will help them compete in this new global market that is accelerating by the day. I hope to explore with our customers, who are our partners, this new world we will all need to embrace and co-create an amazing future.