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On to the Future!


I wanted to share an update on the Kodaris Marketplace and what the immediate future plans are.

As you know, about six months ago, we created the marketplace as a way to help facilitate some companies work in the supply chain and hopefully help facilitate digital operations for small manufacturers who wanted to move supply chains and manufacturing to the US. We have had the opportunity to learn a tremendous amount and provide a helping hand here and there. Our two largest takeaways from the last six months are that supply chains are extremely complicated, even on a small scale, and that almost all of B2B manufacturing and business is built on relationships with earned trust. Having had the opportunity to have worked in the B2C and B2B space, it always surprises me how many people in either space feel like the other space would fit their business model. There is one common denominator between both spaces and that is convenience. As humans, we all would like convenience and experience, but what that means is very different across these two market segments.

Through this experiment, it has been business as normal for Kodaris as a company, delivering great tech and working every day to deliver increased Revenue and Efficiency to our wonderful customers who we consider partners and family in our endeavors together.

The country, supply chain, and everything around us is still changing in a big way, but it is time to plan for the future and next chapter. In that spirit, we are officially moving Kodaris Marketplace to its own site, kodarismarket.com and it will be its own business unit. We have a small team still working on this initiative and exploring the next best steps. We do know, and can see, that there will be a twenty-year boom in US manufacturing. Companies all over the world now realize they need to bring manufacturing closer to home in order to be able to control their future. With increased technological capabilities, the opportunity is now. It only requires investment and time.

We have continued work at a tremendous pace on the Kodaris platform and all the capabilities and features it brings to those in distribution and manufacturing. We are excited about the future and what we can deliver with our customers in the coming years. The world has changed forever and technology will be at the heart of everything we do. Those who adopt and innovate the quickest will become the long term winners.

Thank you for all your support and looking forward to the future together.